Ginger Root – Magical Herb For Tooth, Muscle And Joint Pain Relief

Ginger is an aromatic, pungent, and spicy herb that has an incredible healing power and is used to treat several ailments. The underground stem (rhizome) can be used fresh, powdered, dried, or as an oil or juice.

Ayurveda describes it as an analgesic, carminative, antiemetic, aphrodisiac, digestive, expectorant, and stimulant. The potential health benefits of ginger also include combating cancer, even more effectively than many cancer drugs.

Thus, long-hailed for it’s medicinal, therapeutic, and culinary benefit, ginger is truly a wonder spice! Let us look at a few of it’s health promoting benefits.

Ginger: The Complete Herbal And Medicinal Benefits


Ginger has a long tradition in herbal medicine of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress – as an excellent carminative (a substance which promotes the elimination of intestinal gas) and intestinal spasmolytic (a substance which relaxes and soothes the intestinal tract). Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects, an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory

compounds, and direct anti-inflammatory effects. Read more to explore 15 amazing health benefits of this wonder herb.

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Ginger: Best Toothache Remedy


Clove has been a traditional natural remedy for a toothache. But, ginger helps as well. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger immediately soothe the point of pain effectively. If you ever experience a toothache, chew raw ginger root for immediate relief.

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Make Muscle And Joint Pain Vanish With Ginger


Recent research found that over 63% of people who used ginger in their diets found that it reduced muscle/joint pain, joint swelling, and stiffness within 2 months of use. This is because the compound ‘gingerols’ in ginger prevents the production of pain-triggering hormones. Recommended dose for pain: Add 1 teaspoon dried ginger/ 2 teaspoons chopped ginger to meals daily.

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Can Ginger Kill Ovarian And Prostate Cancer Cells?

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The American Association for Cancer Research revealed that in every single instance where ginger powder was used to treat cancer cells, they all died as a result of being exposed to the compound. This is called ‘apoptosis’ (cancer cell suicide) in medical terminology. When ginger is present, the cells even attack one another, which is called as ‘autophagy’.

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Does Ginger Help With Nausea?


Ginger is used as a go-to remedy to treat nausea that occurs from different ailments or sickness in many traditional forms of medicine like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. It is said to promote the secretion of various digestive juices/enzymes that help neutralize stomach acid. It also contains phenols that relax stomach muscles and act similar to a sedative on irritated stomach tissue, reducing over-activity of the stomach.

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How Does Ginger Work As A Stomach Remedy?

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Ginger in food, or ideally as a strong tea, helps stimulate saliva, bile, and gastric juice production to aid in digestion. It is believed that it’s phenolic compounds, primarily ‘gingerol’ and ‘shagaol’, and various other volatile oils are responsible for ginger tea’s beneficial effect on our digestive system.

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Ginger, Pepper, Long Pepper For Bronchitis


An effective home remedy for bronchitis is the mixture of dried ginger powder, pepper and long pepper taken in equal quantities of a quarter teaspoon three times a day with honey. The powder of these three ingredients have antipyretic qualities and are effective in dealing with fever accompanied with bronchitis. They also tone up the metabolism of the patient.

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Ginger Beauty Face Packs You Can Make At Home


Ginger has

been recognized by Ayurveda not only due to its medicinal properties, but also for its use in beauty therapy. It is rich in age-fighting antioxidants; it boosts blood flow to the scalp and skin, helps hair growth and evens skin tone. Few ways to use it for beauty treatments are as follows.

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Ginger: An Ayurvedic Universal Medicine


The Ayurvedic benefits of ginger are that when taken with rock salt it reduces Vata, with rock candy reduces Pitta and with honey reduces Kapha, helps with indigestion, increases appetite, sore throat, morning sickness, headache, fainting, stomach pain, has anti-cancerous properties and helps fight against seasonal allergies like cold, flu and cough.

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