Wonder Herb Garlic – Medicinal Benefits And Healthy Recipes

Garlic is a versatile health-boosting herb that possessesĀ potent medicinal properties. It’s potency lies in a single active component known as ‘allicin’ which is released when garlic bulbs are crushed, chopped, or chewed. Thus, it is beneficial to consume raw garlic to explore it’s healing properties.

Garlic isĀ an effective natural antibiotic that helps your immune system ward off colds, flu, earaches and inflammation.

Read on to explore the powerful health and healing benefits garlic offers. We have thrown in a couple of recipes to make oil, honey, soup and juice! Yes, all with garlic. Go ahead, give it a try!

Therapeutic Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic For Flavor And Health: 13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic


Garlic has nutrients like enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and natural sugar. Research indicates that 3 cloves of garlic provide around 5% of the daily required intake of vitamin C and 6% of Vitamin B-6. Garlic also has lower amounts of other vitamins including pantothenic acid, and folic acid. It readily fights inflammation,

reduces bad cholesterol, improves blood circulation, helps to cure flatulence, and is an internal antiseptic.

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Is Garlic Our Salvation Against Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria?


Recent research has confirmed and quantified that whole extracts of garlic have the ability to stop several species of multi-drug resistant bacteria. WHO has also reported how antibiotic resistance is potentially the biggest threat to mankind and could undermine healthcare and lead to pandemics in the very near future. Read more to explore why garlic is considered to be possibly the ultimate curative herb.

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Garlic For High Blood Pressure


Allicin in garlic is responsible for both the smell and the hypotensive effect of garlic. Garlic also contains small amounts of selenium and is believed to prevent abnormal blood clotting, normalize blood pressure, and prevent infections. Hypotensive effects of garlic are the main reason for increase in red

blood cell velocity, and nitric oxide metabolism.

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How To Use Garlic As A Natural Antibiotic?


Garlic is not just effective against bacterial infections, but against fungal and viral infections as well. Unlike commercial antibiotic medications it does not kill the ‘good’ bacteria in our body neither does it have any harmful side effects. Garlic loses its antibiotic properties when you cook or dry it, and commercial garlic capsules do not preserve the full activity of the fresh bulb. So the only way is to eat it RAW. Crush the bulbs and expose it to air for ten minutes before consuming to fully activate it’s key germ-killing compound – allicin.

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Garlic Drops For Ear Infection


Garlic extracts kill both bacteria and fungi on contact, and one study found that garlic drops decrease the pain of ear infections. You must

use garlic oil at-least three times a day with 3 large drops for quicker results.

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How Garlic Oil Reduces Inflammation In Varicose Veins?


Varicose veins are veins that have become abnormally thick, full of twists and turns, or enlarged. Garlic can breakdown protein content increasing supply to lower limb region. It can stimulate release of toxins, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. Adding garlic to your diet or regularly applying garlic oil to the varicose veins can quickly reduce their appearance and discomfort.

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Medicinal Garlic Recipes

How To Make Healing Garlic Oil For Home Remedies?


The infusion of garlic and oil helps you extract all the healing benefits of garlic in an easy applicable form. You can use this oil to counter ear infections by rubbing the oil around the outside of the ear or on the skin where

the infection is present. Garlic oil can also be very helpful in helping you treat dandruff, tooth ache, lower cholesterol, improve heart health, improving immunity and can also be great for both the skin and hair. Here is how you can make this healing garlic oil for home remedies.

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How To Make Medicinal Garlic Honey Recipe?


While honey is highly antiseptic and antitoxic, garlic honey is commonly used for medicinal or culinary use. You can also add it to your tea to treat colds, cough, and a sore throat. Garlic Honey can also be used to relieve fevers, infections, cuts and grazes. Here is a quick and easy recipe to make ‘garlic honey tonic’.

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How To Make Garlic Juice To Purify Blood?


Homemade garlic juice has powerful health benefits. It is beneficial in detoxifying your system and in purifying your

blood by aiding digestion. Here is an effective homemade garlic drink that can purify your blood and clean your blood vessels.

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Garlic Soup Recipe To Treat Cold And Flu


The heady aroma of this garlic soup certainly revs up the appetite and the first spoonful does not disappoint. Delicious as it is, however, one large bowl of home-made soup is more than an ample meal. As for the soup’s cold-preventing powers, regular bowlfuls may very well keep you free of winter ailments, thanks to the virus-killing compounds garlic contains.

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