Amazing Benefits Of The Ancient Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil has amazing health benefits and have been used since centuries

Since centuries, frankincense oil has been used for different purposes. It has been helpful in curing diseases, relieving people from stress, maintaining hygiene, and keeping places fragrant. The benefits of this ancient oil are numerous.

A Stress Reliever

The aroma of frankincense oil helps in relieving stress.


Frankincense oil has a sweet smell that makes people feel peaceful and relaxed. A few drops of this oil in a hot bath helps in relieving anxiety. You can also add a few drops of this oil to an oil diffuser or a vaporizer to keep the house fragrant and relaxed. There is a belief that frankincense oil can also increase your intuitive abilities and induce a sense of spiritual connection.

A Natural Antiseptic

 Frankincense oil has antiseptic properties that helps in killing germs.


Frankincense oil has antiseptic properties that help in keeping places germ-free. Frankincense essential oil can be used to disinfect any room and clean surfaces. If you add a few drops of this oil to the water you clean your house with, the house will stay free from bacteria and viruses. This oil is also helpful in removing cold and flu viruses from a place.

An Oral Hygiene Product

 The antiseptic properties of frankincense oil makes it highly useful to maintain oral hygiene


The antiseptic properties of frankincense oil makes it highly useful to maintain oral hygiene. You can prevent dental issues like bad breath, cavities, tooth decay, and other oral infections with products that contain frankincense oil. If you want to use the oil directly, mix some oil with baking soda to make a paste. Use this as a toothpaste and stay away from oral health problems.

A Cure For Indigestion And Cramps

Frankincense oil is beneficial for any kind of gastrointestinal discomfort and menstrual discomfort.


Frankincense oil is beneficial for any kind of gastrointestinal discomfort like acidity, constipation, stomachache, irritable bowels, etc. It also helps in speeding up digestion. Frankincense oil is also beneficial for women during their period. It helps in relieving a person from cramps and PMS. The pure, virgin frankincense oil, devoid of any other products and artificial fragrance can only be ingested orally. You can add 1-2 drops of the oil to 8 ounces of water or a tablespoon of honey for gastrointestinal relief. However, consult a doctor or an aromatherapist before consuming the oil orally.

A Cure For Pain And Inflammation


Frankincense oil is highly beneficial for joint pains, muscle pain, and inflammation in the body. It can be used to improve blood circulation and feel relaxed when you have issues related to migraine, asthma, etc. This oil also helps in relaxing people when they experience any joint pain due to arthritis and muscle pain due to certain other reasons. All you need to do is add a few drops of this oil to steaming water and soak a towel in it. Place this towel on your body or over your face to inhale the fragrance of the oil. You may also use it with a carrier oil to massage the various body parts where you experience pain.

A Chemical That Fights Cancer

 Frankincense oil is beneficial for curing joint pain and inflammation of muscles.


Frankincense oil is helpful in fighting certain types of cancer. This oil contains a certain chemical compound called AKBA which can kill cancer cells that are even resistant to chemotherapy. However, research is still going on about how to use it and how beneficial it is to fight cancer.

An Anti-Aging Elixir


Frankincense oil has been found to be highly beneficial in toning and strengthening the skin. It helps in improving the elasticity of the skin, as it acts like an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle oil. This oil removes blemishes and helps in lifting the skin up, reducing the appearance of acne, wounds, and scars. Frankincense oil has also been helpful in healing dry or cracked skin as it acts like an hydrating agent as well. One surprising benefit that this ancient oil provides is that it helps in the fading of stretch marks or surgery marks associated with pregnancy.

A Sleep-Inducing Oil

 Frankincense oil has relaxing properties that help a person go to sleep peacefully.

Due to its relaxing abilities from pain and stress, it can be helpful for a person who deals with chronic stress and chronic pain. The calming scent and effect help a person go to sleep by opening the breathing passages and by allowing the body to reach an ideal sleeping temperature. If one is suffering from insomnia due to whatsoever reason, a few drops of frankincense oil in a diffuser in the room will help one in falling asleep peacefully.

Frankincense oil, with all its medicinal benefits and relaxing power, is a soothing, aromatic essential oil that is antiseptic in nature and has amazing value. Every household should consider keeping frankincense oil, for all the benefits it offers.