5 Benefits Of Dandelion Tea And How To Make It

Benefits Of Dandelion Tea

Dandelions are extremely hardy little plants that can sprout up anywhere. If your garden has ever been taken over by dandelions, you’ve probably uprooted them without a thought. For far too long, these plants have been considered weeds and not worthy of any use. However, research is now showing that every part of a dandelion plant is useful and packed with health benefits. The petals of a dandelion are used to brew a special tea that is both delicious and healthy. Here are five things that happen when you start drinking dandelion tea every day.

1. You Start To Lose Weight

 It Reduces Water Retention

We’re all in search of that magical ingredient that can help us shed a few stubborn pounds. That ingredient might just be growing along the sidewalk. Dandelion tea is a very effective diuretic and can help you flush out excess water from your system. Most commercially sold diuretics on the other hand, come with negative side effects and

aren’t very safe to use. Drinking dandelion tea every morning on an empty stomach can help you lose a few pounds by reducing water retention.

2. You Detoxify Your Body

Most diets, juice cleanses and herbal medicines that promise to detoxify your body are complete marketing gimmicks and you shouldn’t fall prey to them. Dandelion’s detoxifying effects however, are backed up by scientific research. When you drink dandelion tea everyday, it encourages your liver to produce more detoxifying enzymes. Since your liver is the main detoxifying organ of your body, a healthy liver means greater protection from harmful toxins. This means you’ll fall sick less often and even get clearer skin.

3. You Might Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels

It Prevents Blood Sugar Levels Spiking

Dandelion tea was often prescribed by Medieval European doctors as a way to keep blood sugar levels stable. Modern research has shown

that when animals are given dandelion tea, their sugar levels do not spike or drop as much. Studies on the effects of this tea on humans still has to be conducted, but the initial findings look promising. If you are living with diabetes, drinking dandelion tea everyday is a great way to make sure your blood sugar levels do not fluctuate through the day.

4. You Won’t Have Tummy Aches

It Reduces Constipation And Gas

Dandelion tea was often used in ancient medicine as a way to settle digestive issues. If you’ve eaten something bad or if your digestive system isn’t strong, dandelion tea will give you some relief. It can ease constipation by making your bowel movements more regular, stimulating your appetite, reducing bloating and making you feel less nauseous.

5. It’s Packed With Nutrients

 It Is Full Of Important Nutrients

Drinking dandelion tea everyday is

a great way to ensure that you’re getting enough of nutrients through the day. Just one cup of dandelion tea contains vitamins A, B, C, D and minerals like calcium, zinc, iron and potassium. The tea also contains a healthy amount of probiotics and antioxidants.

Making Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea Can Be Made With Tea Bags Or Fresh Petals

Dandelion tea is available in some health food stores in the form of tea bags. If you do find dandelion tea bags, simply brew it like you would normal tea. However, if you have an abundance of dandelion plants growing around you, you can utilize them to make your own dandelion tea.

1. Gather a bunch of dandelion flowers and pluck the petals by pinching the green stem at the base. Once you separate the stem, the petals should immediately become loose and separate.

2. Add the dandelion petals to a pot along with one large mug of water.

3. Cover and bring to a boil.

4. Once the

water boils, turn off the heat and cover the pot to let the petals steep.

5. After about 10 minutes, strain the mixture and sip on this delicious tea. If you want your tea a little sweeter, add honey or stevia to it.