6 Reasons Why You Should Cook With Cast Iron Vessels

A healthy and fit body and mind are what dreams are made of for many. And getting them is a struggle, not the least of which involves determination and self-control. For many, the difficult bit about living healthy is a more practical issue, such as finance. Let’s face it. It’s a lot cheaper to eat junk than eating good, fresh, organically grown food every single day. How then do you take care of yourself?

Apart from the two biggies – diet and exercise – there are tiny habits that make a difference on your health. One such habit is using a cast iron utensils instead of the regular non-sticky ones. Although this sounds quite simple and insignificant, it can improve your health in varied ways. Here’s how:


6 Benefits Of Cooking With Cast Iron Vessels

1. Cast Iron Doesn’t Release Toxins

Cast irons don't release toxins like Teflon pans do

Non-sticky utensils with Teflon coating are quite convenient to use. But what you should know is that exposing them to extreme heat or scraping can damage the coating, which releases chemicals called perfluorinated compounds. Although these tiny black toxins are in low quantities, with frequent use, it can affect your system and lead to diseases such as liver issues, hormonal imbalance, and even cancer.1 These unwanted particles can also end up down the drain and block the pipes.


So, instead of replacing the Teflon pan every single time the coating scrapes off, go for a cast iron pan. This one-time investment will help you avoid toxins, unwanted chemicals, and keep your foods healthy.

2. Cast Iron Boosts Your Body’s Iron Reserves

Cast irons increase iron absorption by the body


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, iron deficiency is the most common nutritional problem in the United States of America.2 Your body needs iron to supply oxygen throughout your body and to produce hemoglobin. Iron deficiency will lead to fatigue, psychological issues, and slow down your immune system. While a healthy diet full of iron-rich foods is what you need, cooking with cast iron will also do its bit.

When you cook foods with these utensils, be it skillets or pots, the foods absorb a bit of iron from them. Although this isn’t as much as the required dietary recommendation of iron, it contributes to an extent and does so for free!


3. Seasoned Cast Iron Has Many Benefits

Seasoned cast irons last longer, need less oil, and help with dieting

Cast iron needs to be seasoned frequently. The best time to do this would be just before cooking in the cast iron. This might seem like a lot of work but will, in fact, benefit you in many ways.

  • Seasoning the cast iron keeps it greased and prevents it from rusting. This, in turn, keeps the iron and strong and makes it last longer.
  • Seasoning the cast iron before cooking forms a natural fatty and oily base for your dish. This, in turn, can reduce the quantity of grease you would otherwise have to add to make your dish. If you do the seasoning right, you might not have to add any extra grease at all!
  • The reduced fat/oil usage due to the seasoning can help you maintain your diet and take you a step toward your weight-loss goal.

4. Cast Iron Is Strong And Lasts Longer

Cast irons are sturdy and last much longer than other cookware

Many cast iron utensils pass on from generation to generation and remain, almost, intact and as good as new. This is because cast iron is quite strong, difficult to damage. Cast iron is like wine and gets better with age.


With constant use and seasoning, the grease seeps into the iron and makes it smooth and sturdy. So, instead of going for plastic or Teflon utensils that last but a few months, buy a cast iron pan and use it for life.

5. Seasoned Cast Iron Can Be Easily Cleaned

Seasoned cast irons are greasy and easily cleaned


A constantly seasoned and used cast iron is very easy to clean. Due to the natural grease that settles on and into the iron, cooked foods don’t stick to the utensil as much as it would with a Teflon one. The best way to use your cast iron is to season and cook in it frequently. Doing so will keep your iron fresh, greasy, and good to go at any time.

The best way to clean it would be to wash it as soon as you serve the dish out of it. Clean up the mess while the pan is hot using hot water and the remains will come off quickly and easily with a spatula. To make it last longer, dry the pan as soon as you wash it and apply a little oil to it using a paper towel.

6. Cast Iron Provides A Steady Cooking Temperature

Cast irons hold the heat longer and are easier to cook with

Iron holds in heat much longer than any non-sticky pans and pots. Cast irons look quite heavy and weigh as much too. This might make you feel like it’ll take forever to cook in them. But cast irons are your best bet if you don’t want to burn your food.

Cast iron utensils can maintain a steady temperature for long. Be it high or low, when cooking, cast irons are a lot more reliable than other cookware.

You can use the cast iron utensils for almost all your cooking and foods. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner or anything that you need a pan for. It is very beneficial to cook food with the cast iron and the health benefits are almost instant. You also do not have to use useless pills, supplements or change anything in your daily routine for this.