10 Ways Clearing Up Clutter Will Improve Your Life

Clearing clutter is a well known “must do” on most wish lists for improving a home. Whether it’s dumping or donating things, organizing or rearranging things to create more space at home, we know it’s a good thing to do. Although clutter clearing is a positive action, it’s still hard to do.

Why Does The Clutter Buildup?

It’s easier to stuff all the extra things out of sight, shut the closet, and avoid going into the garage than cleaning up. But, we’ll still feel the clutter, even when it’s behind closed doors, in our mind as an overwhelming burden. So, why do we do this?


Most of our reasons for hoarding unnecessary things might seem sensible. “I’ll need it one day.” “I’ve spent money on it, so it should stay.” “It’s possibly going to be valuable (even if you know it’s a long shot).” So, you hold onto it. There are also all the sentiments attached to it! Adding to these is the mountain of paperwork.

Why Should You Cleanup The Clutter?

Years of feng shui practice has shown us some enormous benefits of clearing clutter, so far-reaching and transformational that it’s stunning. So today, instead of telling you what you already know (that you should clean out closets and more), we’ll discuss exactly how beneficial clearing clutter is going to be for you.


1. Abundance

Finding money while clearing up the mess is fun by itself! But the bigger prize? Clutter is an energy block. Money is energy. Clutter blocks money from flowing freely. Many financial experts believe in the link between debt and clutter. So, by clearing up the clutter, you’re picking up the reigns in your life and getting on top of situations that may have consumed you.

2. Mental Peace

Your home is a mirror of your mind and your life. You’ll have calmer thoughts in a clear space. It’s almost instantly noticeable when you clean up the area where you spend a lot of time, for example, your work desk.


3. Stress

Clutter has been seen to raise stress hormone levels. When you’ve got piles of junk, dishes, and stuff chucked into some corner, it’s almost like you’re submerged in stress. Even making the decision to clear clutter and gradually cleaning up the mess can reduce some stress.

4. Productivity

It’s much easier to get work done in a clear space as it is free of the reminders of past procrastination and distractions. When you start cleaning, organize and update your computer and back things up – it’ll help you run your life smoothly with the help of technology.


5. Fitness And Weight Loss

Many people regain energy, start successful fitness plans, and lose stubborn weight by clearing clutter. Some drop weight without even trying as they make breakthroughs in clearing their clutter. They succeed in fitness routines and embrace new healthy habits with ease after having struggled for a long time immersed in the clutter. Clearing all the excess weight at home lightens your life as well as your body.

6. Joy

It’s uplifting to feel free of the weight of the past, along with the heavy emotions buried in that clutter. That joy gets expressed as self-care, positive risk-taking, and an easier life every day.


7. Breaking Habits

It’s easier to break habits in a clutter-free space. Bad habits are often triggered by the environment. When you reorganize your space, you clear those “habit triggers.” People find it easy to make changes on vacation because there are no habit triggers to set ff automatic behaviors in a new space. So, clearing up space means getting rid of the negative triggers.

8. Creativity

Homes blocked with clutter represent a lot of “blocked” potential. Clear away some junk and you may find yourself deeply inspired. The cleared space opens up your mind to more possibilities and opportunities to use your creativity.


9. Time

When you’re organized, you gain a lot of time that used to get wasted looking for things or feeling overwhelmed. Because life is streamlined, it’s often far easier to get things done efficiently. Plus, you’ll have an easier time saying NO to things you don’t want when you’re living in a clear space.

10. Manifestation

It’s easier to “manifest” things in a clear space. Flowing energy propels a lot of positive momentum and action to match your more positive moods. Plus, there’s an ancient “universal law” that when you let go of the old, you make space for the new…!


With so much to look forward to, we hope you enjoy all the donating, sorting, organizing, and clutter clearing now more than ever. It’s the foundation of such an abundant, radiant, magnetic life!