7 Ways Chanting Om Transforms Your Body And Mind

Om is a two-letter word with utmost significance. It’s the primordial sound of the universe. It’s actually AUM, where A stands for tamas or ignorance, U stands for rajas or passion and M stands for sattva or purity. When we chant Om, it vibrates at the reverberates at the frequency of 432 Hz which is the frequency of the cosmos and every cell of every living being in the world. Chanting Om or being in the presence of this vibration is the best way to tune in your body and mind with that of the universe. Below are 7 ways chanting Om daily can make you healthier.1

1. Erases Negativity From Your Life

chanting om during meditation removes negativity


Making a habit out of chanting Om for 15 minutes (minimum) daily will bring about a sea of change in your life. It takes away your focus from trivial issues like opinions of others, insecurities and self-doubt. When negative energy enters our life and mind through our thoughts, interactions and actions, we feel drained and unhappy. Chanting Om leaves no room for negativity and engulfs you in optimism about the beauty of life.

2. Gets Rid Of Stress While Calming You

meditation is a great way to beat stress


These days, it’s seldom that we encounter truly mindful beings who are not bogged down by stress. Most of the time, we are either pondering over the past or the future and have no regard for what’s unfolding in the present. Chanting Om regularly, uplifts your sense of self to a level where you remain unaffected by stress in both personal and professional lives. You become a more resilient version of yourself and eventually become someone who handles both criticism and praise with grace.2

3. Cleanses And Rejuvenates You From Within

meditation with om chanting is rejuvenating


Combining chanting with meditation stimulates every cell to function at its most efficient best. This means the detoxification processes in the body that involves the kidney, liver and lungs work in full flow. In the absence of any pent up toxins you feel truly lighter and rejuvenated from within. Your skin starts to have a radiant glow and you emanate an overall positive and tranquil aura wherever you go.

4. Builds Self-Control Within You

gain more self-control with meditation


When you make chanting a part of your daily routine, you realize that with each passing day, you are able to identify your mood swings and emotions as separate entities. You become compassionate in your reactions and are able to control feelings of envy, lust and rage better. It doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days once you start chanting Om, instead it signifies that you become more aware of how to handle whatever life throws at you.

5. Improves Your Focus And Concentration

better attention span and focus with chanting om


Cultivating the practice of chanting Om is great way to silence mind chatter and bring attention towards the task at hand. This means more focus in life that leads to more productivity and ultimately the best results at school, college, work and life in general.

6. Gives You Restful Sleep

meditation gets rid of insomnia and sleep issues


It has been scientifically proven that indulging in relaxation techniques that involve chanting Om can calm the body and mind. When a sense of calmness prevails, you become more inviting to uninterrupted sleep. A night of well-rested sleep plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your morning, the next day.

7. Improves Your Overall Vitality

meditation is good for overall health


Studies have proved that people suffering from chronic diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, diabetes and depression showed remarkable improvement when they meditated daily. Since stress itself is the biggest risk factor for almost all long-standing conditions, chanting Om can bust stress and boost your vitality.3

Given the above benefits, chanting Om should be made a part and parcel of your life, especially if you would love to live life totally in each moment.