5 Benefits Of Bubble Baths And How To Make Your Own

Benefits of bubble baths and how to make them

Is splashing around in a bubble bath when you were a kid one of your favorite childhood memories? Popping bubbles might have been the only reason you needed to jump into a bubble bath, but they actually have plenty of other benefits as well. If you have a runny nose or just an awful day at work, a bubble bath could solve all your problems. Here are five reasons to soak in a bubble bath tonight.

1. It Can Melt Away Stress

Was your boss extra-hard on you today? Did your kids give you a hard time? When you’re having a particularly bad day, a bubble bath could be just what you need. A few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil could lift all your worries away. Combined with the power of aromatherapy, there’s no day so bad that a bubble bath can’t fix.

2. It Boosts Your Immunity

If you have a stuffy nose or an infection, relaxing in a steaming hot bubble bath could help you feel a lot better. Breathing in the steam can kill germs, decongest your airways and help you feel human again. To supercharge your bubble bath, you could add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to it.

3. It Helps Relax Your Muscles

If you really pushed yourself at the gym, then your muscles might be punishing you for it. Bubble baths help reduce muscle soreness because they increase circulation and loosen them up. Bubble baths are also very beneficial for people with arthritis, rheumatism or other kinds of joint pain.

4. It Gives You Glowing Skin

Don’t be surprised if you step out of your bubble bath looking younger, brighter and more refreshed. Using a loofah while you take a bubble bath can exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your skin glowing. Adding bath salts and essential oils to your bath can also help your skin look rejuvenated.

5. It Detoxifies Your Body

A hot bubble bath can encourage your body to eliminate toxins. The steam from the bath can make you sweat, removing toxins from your body along with it. Having a hot bubble bath every once in awhile can help you detoxify naturally.

How To Make Your Own Bubble Bath

Concocting your own bubble bath recipes will let you experiment with scents and different ingredients. Here are a few bubble bath recipes which are incredibly easy to make and have multiple beauty benefits.

Vanilla Bubble Bath

This vanilla scented bubble bath recipe is the easiest DIY recipe you will ever make. You can whip this up in a few seconds, so all that’s left to do is soak in your tub and wonder if this is what heaven must smell like.


1 cup liquid body soap
¼ cup glycerin
1 tsp vanilla extract


Mix everything together and store it in a glass bottle. Give it a shake before you use it.

Lavender Eucalyptus Bubble Bath

This bath combines the power of lavender and eucalyptus for a truly rejuvenating bath that lifts your senses. Lavender essential oil is renowned for its stress-busting properties, while eucalyptus is a potent mental stimulant.


4 cups water
3 oz coconut oil (you can also use glycerin)
4 oz Castile soap
4 drops of lavender and eucalyptus essential oil


Mix everything together and store in a glass container. Pour in a couple of ounces at a time and enjoy this aromatic, relaxing bath.

Honey Bubble Bath

This bubble bath recipe smells so delicious, you’ll want to eat it all up. If you have dry skin, this bubble bath recipe is perfect for you. Honey and baby oil provide intense moisture to your skin and keep it looking radiant.


1 cup baby oil
½ cup honey
½ cup unscented hand soap or shampoo
1 tablespoon vanilla extract


Mix everything together until it’s fully combined. This bubble bath mixture can get quite runny, so store it in plastic squeeze bottles. This way, you can squeeze in how much you need with nothing going to waste.