Heal With Ayurvedic Color Therapy Using Solar Energy

The most vibrant manifestation of light energy is color. We associate a color with an object based on what it reflects or absorbs. Ultimately, it’s derived from sunlight, which is the most vital life force on earth. A unique feature of anything that appeals to the senses like color, smell, taste, and touch is that we create associations. For example, we are told from the time we are born, we are told that pink is associated with feminity and blue with masculinity. If we end up spending a lot of time in hospitals with white linen and walls, we tend to dislike the color white.

Colors can fill us with feelings of nostalgia, exuberance or sadness. They can influence the energetic fields of the body. When one or more of the chakras/energy centers on the auric body has gone for a toss, it manifests physically as diseases. That’s when we resort to healing therapies like color therapy which have been hailed in ayurvedic texts for being an effective yet subtle modality.1


Significance Of Colors In Ayurveda

each chakra has a specific color for its balance

According to Ayurveda, not only the foods we eat but also the colors we are surrounded by can influence our mental and physical well-being. Colors can be categorized into Satwik, Rajasik, and Tamasik too.

  • Satwik colors are very uplifting and bring serene and positive vibes. These include white, gold, violet and blue
  • Rajasik colors are exuberant and flashy and can be very stimulating if used excessively. These include yellow, orange, red and purple
  • Tamasik colors are dull and murky in appearance. These include brown, black and gray

Primary colors are often used in color therapy are they have distinct effects on the mind. In ayurveda, the therapeutic properties of colors are used to nourish the pranic life-force. The sense of sight is not the only way to experience the benefits of colors; both the skin (bhrajak pitta) and sight (alochak pitta) can be influenced by the colors surrounding them.

Bringing certain colored elements that will help heal our chakras, can make a world of positive difference for us.


3 Techniques Of Color Therapy That Uses Solar Energy

Since the twentieth-century color therapy has been studied extensively by healers worldwide. The ability of colors to restore the emotional, mental and physical balance of the body is what cures diseases. Currently, there are 3 ways in which solar energy is used in chromotherapy.2

1. Solarized Water

water charged in sunlight is used for color therapy


Drinking water from colored bottles that have been charged by sunlight has become an essential part of chromotherapy/color therapy. Studies have proven that the penetration of sunlight through specific colored cellophane wrapped bottles can alter the chemical, physical and biological properties of water.3

Steps To Make Solarized Water To Drink


The principle of solarized water is that when water is left out in sunlight for a short duration of time, then it becomes irradiated. When it is left for getting charged in a specific colored bottle, then the water assumes the distinct properties of the color as well. This is called solarized water.

  • Take a colored glass bottle or if you can’t find one use a colored cellophane strip to cover any glass bottle
  • Visit an energy healer to understand which chakra of yours is our of balance. Based on that pick a colored bottle specific to that chakra
  • Fill the colored bottle with fresh water
  • Leave it in the sun for 10-15 minutes in when the sun rises
  • Your solarized water is now ready to drink

2. Solarized Sugar

solarized sugar for chakra healing


Take a colored bottle specific to your chakra and fill it with dry granulated sugar and leave out in the sun every day for a month. Have a bit of it, daily.

3. Colored Sunbath Radiation

Healing chakras with color therapy


Place a sheet of colored cellophane on a window that allows sunlight to enter. Sit in front of the window for 10-15 minutes every day to soak your body in the sun-charged color radiations. If you have stained glass windows of a specific color, it would have the same effect.4

Colors not only add vibrancy to our lives but if used in the right manner can even help us achieve overall emotional physical and psychological balance. Stimulate your chakras positively with the right shades of color and welcome a whole abundance into your life.