Benefits of Breast-feeding for Mother and Baby.

Benefits of Breast-feeding for Mother and Baby.
Benefits of Breast-feeding for Mother and Baby.

Birth is the independent journey the baby takes, and mother’s milk is the first and THE most important food. The mother and baby are in an inseparable bond in the uterus and this bond is made stronger as the baby latches on to the mother and she provides the required wholesome natural food. It is abundant in the right constituents for the baby, is easy on digestion, the list goes on…

The benefits of breast feeding are manifold both for the mother and the baby. Research and studies conducted on various aspects are proof that breast-feeding has Physiological, Emotional, Financial and Social benefits for the mother as well as for the baby.



Benefits for the Mother:

  1. Promotes postnatal weight loss: Mums who exclusively breast feed babies are able to return to pre- pregnancy weight much earlier.
  1. Involution of Uterus: Breast feeding causes the release of Oxytocin that helps in the involution of the uterus i.e. the uterus is back to the pre pregnancy state.
  1. Lowers Cancer Risk: Lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, obesity and osteoporosis.
  1. Anti Stress: Breast milk is naturally available on demand and easy on the mother. Since baby’s health is taken care of by this nourishing food, the mother gets sufficient rest and the baby will settle to a good routine and is easy on the pocket too.
  1. Emotional Connect: Mother develops a deep emotional bond with the baby, and it’s a special time for both the mum and baby to share and cherish. Maternal health is enhanced due to this vital connect with the baby and thus reduces the chance of postnatal depression.
  1. Boosts Self Confidence: Increases the mother’s self-confidence that she is able to provide her baby with all the nutritional requirements.


Benefits for the Baby:

  1. Wholesome Food: It’s a rich in vital nutrients and super sterile.
  1. Strengthens Immune System: Breast milk has the right amounts of digestive Proteins, fats, Carbohydrates and Vitamins infants need and also rich in antibodies which strengthens the immune system and keeps them from getting sick.
  1. Improves EQ and Cognition: Breast-feeding is good for the baby’s brain, a new research has found the babies parts associated with language and emotional function and cognition were more pronounced.
  1. Emotional Growth: The relationship between the mother and baby is deep rooted in the interactions of breast-feeding. This feeling sets a strong foundation for Emotional health for years to come. And bond with the mother is deep and strong and babies feel secure.
  1. Protects against Diseases: The protection against diseases for babies who are breast-feed will last beyond infancy, studies have shown that it can reduce the risk of developing certain childhood cancers, and avoid a host of diseases which strike later in life.

Ayurveda gives a lot of emphasis on postnatal care. There are very effective Ayurvedic medications that support the mother and the baby during postnatal period and help lactation.

Breast milk is the best gift a mother can give her child and the benefits will last for a lifetime.


Happy Mother’s Day to All !!