Benefits And Downsides Of Eating The Same Meals Every Day

Eating the same meals daily can have its pros and cons

Did you know that eating the same food each day is actually a thing? Several people prefer the comfort of grabbing the same meal from their favorite joint every single day. While there are some benefits to this approach, there are some serious pitfalls too.

Benefits Of Eating The Same Food Every Day

1. Helps With Weight Loss

Eating the same meal everyday can help in weight loss


A study on about 30 participants, all of them obese, observed that having the exact same meal every day helped them lose some weight. This was attributed to the body becoming habituated to digesting the same food, as well as participants eating lesser as they become bored of the same food.1

2. Makes You More Efficient

Eating the same meal daily makes you more efficient


Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg wears the same t-shirt every day? He keeps multiple shirts of the same size, color, and pattern in order to eliminate the choice of decision-making daily. Decision fatigue is a real deal, and eliminating a few mundane decisions from daily life can help keep your brain active. Choosing to eat the same meal every day means you reduce the time you would ordinarily spend pondering over a menu and deciding what to eat.2

3. Helps You To Feel More Secure

Eating the same meals daily can make you feel more secure


In another study, it was found that eating the same foods repeatedly was considered a routine by the participants, one that is deeply embedded in them.3 Embedded behaviors are often practiced repeatedly for the comfort they provide – think thumb-sucking or nail-biting. By making the same food choices every day, you may feel more secure in life.

Downsides To Eating The Same Food Every Day

4. Leads To Nutrient Deficiencies

Eating the same meal daily can cause nutrition deficiencies


As you know, eating a pack of french fries every day doesn’t do much for your health. Likewise, the same cut of meat with the same combination of sides is probably depriving you of a chance to include more nutritive foods in your diet. Over time, these can crop up as nutritional deficiencies and cause several health problems.

5. Becomes Toxic

Eating the same meal daily can become toxic


There is such a thing as overdosing on vitamins! Indeed, by eating the same food every day, you are exposing your body to too much of certain nutrients and too little of others. These excess nutrients can manifest as anything from rashes to liver damage.4 This is too heavy a price to pay, isn’t it?

6. Causes Metabolic Disorders

Eating the same meal daily can cause metabolic problems


Eating a variety of different foods each day gives the body a chance to process them differently and keeps metabolic disorders in check.5 On the contrary, eating the same food every day can hamper metabolic processes, make you hungry at odd times, and set you up for a lifetime of diseases.

Our verdict? Mix up your meals as much as possible. Resort to comfort foods only when you truly need them.