Six Reasons Being A Morning Person Is Awesome

Morning people are those people who wake up early without any difficulty and remain alert and active through the day. Night owls on the other hand, have a difficult time waking up and prefer to stay up late. Now, you may be a morning person or a night owl. Or you may be neither of the two or both. In any case, you are likely to have a specific pattern of functioning that you find most comfortable. Keeping in mind that all of these patterns have their own pros and cons, here are some morning person pros.

1. They Experience Less Stress

A Peaceful Morning Routine Lowers Stress Levels Throughout The Day

If your mornings are anything like this – wake up late, snooze-sleep a couple of times, scramble all over the place to pack your bag, pick out your clothes, eat an excuse of a breakfast and run out the door worried about how late you are – you are most likely not a morning person. Studies have found that having a peaceful morning routine lowers stress levels throughout the day. It leaves you feeling more calm and energized.

2. They Are More Productive And Proactive

Morning People Tend To Get Better Grades At School And Even Perform Better At Work

A study conducted by Christopher Randler, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, reveals that morning people might be more productive that their night owl counterparts. The study shows that they tend to get better grades at school and even perform better at work. As a result of their lower stress levels and calmer nature, they tend to be better problem-solvers making them more proactive. It is also essential to note that morning people have the benefit of socially accepted and conducive time schedules drawn in their favor.

3. They Might Be More In Sync With Their Circadian Rhythm

 Morning People Might Be More In Sync With Their Circadian Rhythm

According to an article published in the American Psychological Association journal, “Our bodies and brains evolved to relax and cool down after dark and to spring back into action come morning. People who work the night shift must combat their bodies’ natural rest period while trying to remain alert and high functioning. It doesn’t matter whether they get enough sleep during the daytime, she says. All the sleep in the world won’t make up for circadian misalignment.”

4. They Tend To Be More Organized

Morning People Are Likely To Have A Morning Ritual Or A Habituated Routine That They Love

Morning people are likely to have a morning ritual or a habituated routine that they love. They have most likely disciplined themselves to follow a certain pattern that gives them plenty of time to spend on activities that they want to do. These activities could include spending time with a loved one or even some essential alone time. This organized schedule might leave them feeling more accomplished and content about how they’ve spent their day.

5. They Have More Time For Breakfast

Morning People Have The Advantage Of Having The Time To Spend On A Healthy And Nutritious Breakfast

Breakfast is, as we all have heard one time too many, the most important meal of the day. Ideally, it is believed that breakfast is to be consumed between 7:00 – 9:00 AM. But if you’re a night owl, you most likely have brunch at around 11 AM or worse, may have skipped breakfast entirely. Morning people on the other hand, have the advantage of having the time to spend on a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

6. They Are More Likely To Be Physically Active

 Morning People Are More Likely To Be Physically Active

Morning people are more likely than night owls to stick to a routine. When they start their day, the first thing that runs through their mind is not work. They’ve most likely set apart plenty of time for themselves and can therefore incorporate an exercise or meditation routine to start their day with. Having this dedicated time for physical activity in the mornings leaves them feeling healthier and more accomplished.