What To Expect Before And After LASIK Surgery

If you have decided to undergo a LASIK surgery for improved vision, you will need an evaluation after which your doctor will decide if you are eligible to undergo the surgical procedure. Prior to the surgery, you must prepare for the procedure and also know what you can expect during the recovery period.

Do’s Before LASIK

Are You The Right Candidate?

Discuss with your doctor whether you are the right candidate for LASIK. Discuss all your eye conditions and seasonal allergies thoroughly and ensure that both you and your doctors are aware of everything prior to your surgery.1


Throw Away Your Contact Lenses

Stop wearing your contact lenses a few weeks before your surgery. Switch to wearing your glasses full-time as contact lenses tend to change the shape of your cornea several times up to several weeks after you have stopped using them.

Depending on the type of contact lenses you wear, it can lead to negative consequences like inaccurate measurements and a poor surgical plan, resulting in poor vision after surgery.


Have Someone To Drive Back Home

Make sure you pre-plan to have someone drive you home after your surgery. Take precautions and have someone drive you home and avoid further accidents.

Take Medications After Operation

Make sure to follow the schedule for medications prescribed to you by your eye doctor. Take all your medications religiously before the operation.


Don’ts Before LASIK

No Eye Drops Before The Surgery Day

Don’t put any eye drops in your eyes the day before the procedure and a few days after the procedure as well. Eye drops may adversely affect the condition of your eyes and also result in blurry vision.

No More Contact Lenses

Don’t wear your soft contact lenses 2 weeks prior to the surgery. Stop wearing soft lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses at least 3 weeks before your evaluation. Hard lenses should be kept aside at least 4 weeks before your initial evaluation.


No Beauty Products Prior To Surgery

Don’t apply creams, lotions, makeup and perfumes. These products along with debris along your eyelashes can increase the risk of infection during and after surgery.

Do’s After LASIK

Arrange Transportation After Surgery

Arrange for transportation after LASIK. Have someone come and pick you up and take you home after your operation as your vision will not be restored to 100% accuracy within a few hours of the surgery which may lead to grave consequences. e.g. Car accidents while driving …


Take Rest After Surgery

Take a leave and rest after the procedure. Start doing all your normal activities after the first day, on which you should be taking it easy. Don’t overstrain your eyes post-LASIK, but don’t get too conscious of having undergone surgery as well. Just start living life normally and the more you use your new vision, the faster you will recover your vision. Make sure to follow your doctor’s advice.

Follow Your Post-Operative Prescription

Follow your schedule for medications prescribed to you by your eye doctor and try not to forget any medication.


Keep Your Eyelid Margins Clean After Surgery

Make sure to follow your doctor’s exact directions religiously. Don’t apply any medication with dirty hands and keep your medication bottles clean. Wear sunglasses in direct sunlight.

Eat Healthy Food

Make sure to eat healthy food to ensure a fast and easy recovery.


Wear Protective Eye-Wear

When you go out in the sun or in smoky and dusty areas. This may be harmful to your eyes as well. Bright sunshine can cause scarring so make sure to wear sunglasses in brightly lit environments.

Don’t s After LASIK

Do Not Expose Your Eyes To Dust

Avoid places where your eyes can get exposed to smoke for the first couple of months after your LASIK surgery. Also, avoid playing any contact sports where you can get dust into your eyes.

Do Not Touch/Rub Your Eyes

Don’t rub your eyes for at least a month. No make-up, be careful when you’re in the shower, don’t let water enter your eyes and don’t apply any makeup in particular.

Do Not Take A Head Bath

Don’t splash water into your eyes and your face for 2 weeks. Make sure you don’t bathe and don’t splash water in your eyes, particularly soapy water. If they feel dry, use artificial tears instead. Wash your face with your eyes closed and make sure that your eyes don’t accumulate any dirt around your eyelids.

Do Not Strain Your Eyes

Do not keep your eyes open for longer durations. Don’t overstrain your eyes and allow them to rest, heal and recover as much as possible. Do not clean the eyes on the day of your treatment. Do not use eyeliner or makeup for 1 month.

Avoid Working Out

No working out immediately or one week after the procedure.

LASIK is an extremely safe surgery. With an experienced surgeon who uses the latest technology, patients should expect a smooth and swift procedure, with quick results, and a short period of post-operative discomfort.

Precautions are necessary for better results. If vision suddenly gets blurry, or you experience sudden sharp pain or your eyes get very red, please do schedule a visit to your eye doctor as soon as possible.