Calming Bedtime Yoga Sequence (30-min).

Calming Bedtime Yoga Sequence (30-min).
Calming Bedtime Yoga Sequence (30-min).

Finally, a bedtime yoga class! This is 30-min yoga sequence to prepare you for sleep.

Stretch and connect with yourself before bed!

This sequence starts with some mellow lunges and side stretches to open up the body (staying close to the ground) and ends with lots of sweet stretches, twists and forward folds to get you ready for a good night’s sleep.

This is also ideal if you didn’t get your regular yoga routine in during the day and want to get your blood moving a little bit before going to sleep. We don’t do anything too sweaty or crazy, but the moon salutation variations at the beginning will help you feel like you got your yoga in 🙂

Option to slide into bed for the savasana part of this

Minute Yoga Routine – Great Way to Start the Day!" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">bedtime yoga routine, then you can fall asleep right from there. Or follow this up with my Meditation for Sleep which you can also do in bed!

Stretching like this before bed like this can really help you relax, not to mention clear you mind of the drama from the day.