5 Beauty Hacks That French Women Swear By To Look Flawless

French women have been touted as the epitome of flawless beauty and elegance. Women around the world would love to be privy to their beauty secrets. One thing about the beauty of french women that stands out the most is their simplicity. People have been trying to steal their beauty secret from years now. It turns out that their beauty secret lies more in the fact that they do less. Refraining from over-doing something is a wonderful beauty trick that people can learn from Parisian women. That is their secret to being effortlessly beautiful as that’s exactly what they believe in ‘less effort’. Apart from this, there are a few other beauty hacks that women can steal from French women to look as gorgeous as them.

1. Refrain From Baking Your Hair


Modern inventions have enabled women to change a lot of things about their appearances like hair. Hair dryer, hair straighteners, hair curler and so many other equipment are available in the

market. Women often go over-board about using these devices to change their hair. It is definitely nice to be able to have different hair, but it comes at the cost of the quality of your hair. Most of these equipment use heat to change the texture of hair and often end up frying your hair like chop suey noodles.

French women are often seen rocking a wonderful and thick mane of hair which adds to their beauty. It is so because French women don’t use too many of these devices and accept their natural hair. So, you can reverse the damage as well by laying off these equipment and accepting the natural texture of your hair. You can oil your hair to make it more manageable and healthy.

2. Choose The Right Shade Of Foundation

French women look flawless because they understand their skins. You will never see a French woman with a foundation line demarcating two different skin tones. But a lot of

women often make that mistake. So, it is really important that you find out your skin tone and buy a perfect foundation that can accentuate your skin rather than change the color of it. Foundation line is a makeup faux pas that is best avoided.

3. Don’t Make Your Eyebrows Too Thin

Women often go crazy about trimming their eyebrows. Well-groomed eyebrows look really nice. But if they are too thin, they look more comical than attractive. French women keep their eyebrows as natural looking as possible. This is another hack to look effortlessly beautiful. Don’t over trim your eyebrows. Keep them neat and full to have more natural looking brows. Use a brush to keep your unruly brows in control and in shape. This will add more definition to your face.

4. Don’t Contour Too Much

French women love having a minimalistic approach to makeup.

You will never see a French woman with a perfectly contoured nose and jaw line. You will never find their cheeks reflecting the sun like they are the moon. They keep their shine minimal and believable. They work around their features to enhance them rather than change them. This gives a natural touch to their face and makes them look flawlessly human. Thus, you can also use less of contour to shape your face. You can opt for a face oil to add some shine to your natural beauty.

5. Never Sleep With Your Makeup On

This is a universal makeup folly that nobody should commit. You should never sleep with your makeup on. It would wreck your skin and you would lose out on having flawless skin that no amount of makeup would be able to hide. You can spend the day with lots of makeup but you must let your skin breathe in the night. Take off all your makeup and

let your pores take in oxygen in the night.

These few hacks are some things that French women live by. You can also follow these hacks to look naturally beautiful and flawless.