10 Beauty Benefits Of Marula Oil For Skin, Hair, And Nails

In recent years, Marula oil has been the hot shot of the beauty industry. In fact, in 2008, companies spent roughly 20 million dollars on Marula oil for product manufacturing.1 Clearly, there’s something special about this oil.

Because it is made from the kernel of the fruits of the Marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea), this oil is considered a nut oil. It’s been used in Africa for centuries. The beauty benefits are so many that it might replace most of your medicine cabinet! Here are 10 ways to use Marula oil for your skin, hair, and nails.

10 Benefits Of Marula Oil


Marula oil for skin

1. Antibacterial

Tea tree oil is a popular natural remedy for breakouts. However, it can be a bit strong for sensitive skin. Marula oil is a great alternative because it’s antimicrobial and gentle.

It’s been shown to fight the pathogens that often cause pimples.

Aside from treating acne, Marula oil also helps other skin infections. Boils, burns, and sores can be treated with this magical oil.2

2. Hydration

Marula oil is abundant in healthy fatty acids that can prevent water loss from the skin. So if you’re suffering from skin dryness, Marula oil will benefit you. It will also boost moisture retention, making sure that hydration lasts.3

3. Skin Cancer Prevention

If you are exposed to the sun a lot, Marula oil may be your secret weapon. It is rich in antioxidant content that protects your skin cells from harsh UV rays, therefore, warding off skin cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties of Marula oil can

also relieve irritation caused by the sun.4

4. Scar Treatment

Dealing with acne is bad enough. But when you have scars, it’s even more frustrating! Luckily, Marula oil helps treat hyperpigmentation of the skin. It’s all thanks to those high levels of antioxidants, which promote skin cell regeneration.5

5. Antiaging

Want to take a few years off your face? Marula oil’s high level of antioxidants and fatty acids will make you look younger. These nutrients promote skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The moisturizing effect of Marula oil also makes fine lines less noticeable.


Marula oil for hair

1. Anti-Frizz

The silky texture of Marula oil is a godsend

for frizzy hair. It’ll keep those flyaways in place, too! And since this oil is thin and lightweight, it will be easy to work into your hair.

2. Protection

When you apply Marula oil, it coats your hair strands and shields them from the sun. On a molecular level, its antioxidants also fight off damage from UV rays. It also works as a heat protectant from styling tools and hair dryers. Keep your hair healthy by applying a small amount of Marula oil before straightening or curling.

3. Softener

Marula oil has benefits for dry and coarse hair. It won’t just add moisture, but it’ll also lock it in. A few drops can also come in handy if you’re dealing with unsightly split ends.


Marula oil for nails

1. Strengthener

Sick of dealing with brittle nails? Marula oil happens to be beneficial for nail strengthening. Its antioxidants nourish your nails, making them stronger and tougher.

2. Moisturizer

Marula oil is a natural alternative for fancy cuticle creams. Its moisturizing properties relieve

dry, chapped skin around your nail bed. For best results, apply it after using a nail brush.

How To Use

Since Marula oil is gentle, it can be applied directly to your skin, hair, and nails. You can rub it on your face or body. Your skin will adore it!

To use it in your hair, add a few drops to your palms, rub them together, and then work your hands through the strands. Make sure the oil is evenly distributed.

Marula oil can be applied directly on the nails or the surrounding skin. Another option is to fill a clean, empty nail polish bottle with Marula oil. The brush can be used to apply the oil as nail treatment.

Safety Notes

If you’re allergic to tree nuts, be cautious. The fruit’s kernel, or seed, is considered a tree nut, and the oil itself is categorized as a nut oil. Always do a patch test first to be safe.

Learning how to use Marula oil can be a game changer. Because it’s so lightweight, you can even add it to your favorite products like your lotion, shampoo,

and conditioner. Just a few drops will make a huge difference.