Be Prepared For Your Third Trimester

The troublesome symptoms of pregnancy last for a long time and you for one will never get used or accustomed to these symptoms. You’ll feel a lot more tired as your pregnancy progresses and the changes are incessant. You’ll have difficulty sleeping at night, your pregnancy weight makes it hard for you to get up or stand for long durations. Let’s not forget the backaches, swollen feet, getting used to your new body weight and learning to balance yourself. Yes, it is a constant task that keeps you tired for most of the time.  And every time you look into the mirror, you feel like you’re looking at a different person. These symptoms will be there the whole of your pregnancy so you might as well embrace them as soon as possible to make your pregnancy smooth.

If all the above mentioned physical changes and troubles aren’t enough, you will have a tough time dealing with your emotions. You may feel overwhelmed, sad or happy at random times and you’ll always feel like it’s all about the baby. You feel the need to do anything to protect your little one. While this feeling is good, sometimes it can get out of hand. If you find yourself distressing over it or obsessing over it, talk to your friends, family or doctor.


Often, expecting mothers get extremely impatient once they enter their third trimester, especially the last month of their pregnancy. The third trimester can seem like a drag and an eternity but you need to hang in there.

Anxiety During Third Trimester

It is natural for the carrying mother to feel anxious more so in the third trimester. The best way to avoid this is by keeping yourself pre-occupied with your baby’s arrival and what to do next. Talking to your little one helps a great deal too. Your third trimester is the best time for you to start planning your baby’s nursery and any changes you wish to make for the baby’s arrival. Apart from this, hot baths, soothing music, and reading are some other things you could do to ease your anxiety.


Make A Checklist

Once you give birth, there will be a lot of things that you’d have to change or incorporate into your life. Here is a checklist you could prepare of the main things once you deliver your baby girl/boy.

1. Detergents

While it is essentially important to make sure the detergents you use for your baby’s clothes are safe, baby-specific detergents can turn out to be highly expensive. Instead, opt for a laundry detergent that is devoid of perfumes or dyes and is suitable for the whole family.


2. Car Refurbishments

Once you deliver, make sure your car is installed with an infant seat suitable for babies weighing anywhere between 22 to 35 pounds and from 29 to 32 inches long. This selection is made such that your baby’s first year can be comfortable. Your baby will be able to snuggle and it is also lighter to carry.

3. Breast Pumps

When you choose breast pumps, ensure they can be easily disassembled for cleaning purpose. If you plan on buying an electric model, buy one where you can control the degree of suction.


4. Formula

If you’re not big on breastfeeding and opt for the formula for your baby, choose a formula which meets the FDA criteria. Your formula should satisfy the following needs:

  • Not high in fructose corn syrup
  • Consists of DHA and ARA for brain development
  • Contains hydrolyzed whey for easy digestion
  • Has oligosaccharides that aid in digestion and nurture the good bacteria in your baby’s intestine

Make sure you check the labels on the formula packet/bottle for the above-mentioned before purchasing it.



5. Clothes

When you buy clothes for your little one, choose the fabric wisely. Opt for hypoallergic fabrics and designs that are comfortable for your baby with minimal buttons or other items that can be loose and can be swallowed as a result.

6. Gadgets

If you’re thinking of buying a mobile or a tab, choose one with bright colors that will keep your child engaged.


7. Fans

A study in 2008 shows that installing a fan in your baby’s room reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by 72%.

The last trimester of your pregnancy is a victory for you and your baby. Your baby is all grown up, thanks to you. Your little one is now ready to conquer the big world and s/he would do so with some help from you and your significant other. So, take these tips into account and help yourself create a beautiful beginning for your child.