9 Basic Rules To Eating A Healthy Low Carb Diet

Here are some ground rules to eating low carb

A low-carb diet has never gone out of fashion. And for good reason. Carbs are our main source of energy but unused, they get stored in our body in the form of fat. Carbs are fine if you end up doing lots of physical activity during the day or a good amount manual labor as part of your job. But that’s rarely the case. Cutting down on carbs is an effective way to lose weight and get healthier. Here are some basic rules if you’re looking to try out a low carb diet.

1. Time It Right

Eat your carbs around your workout.


If you must eat carbs, and you may have to depending on your body composition and activity level, try to time it around your workout. Before, during or just after your workout would be great. If you can’t do this, stick to eating carbs in the morning and early afternoon, when your metabolism is at its highest

2. Minimize Exposure To High Heat

Food cooked on high heat can cause cancer.


Food that’s cooked on high heat is proven to be more carcinogenic.1 Methods that involve deep frying, charring, broiling, and grilling can lead to various cancers.2 Stick to sauteing and other methods of slow cooking on a gentle heat.

3. Avoid Soft Drinks

Soft drinks contain too much sugar


Just because these aren’t carbs, it doesn’t make it okay to include them in your diet. These aerated drinks are full of sugars which will have you gaining weight and taking you one step towards developing type 2 diabetes. If you find it hard to cut down. Try cutting down with sparkling water with pieces of cut fruit in it for flavor.

4. Stick To Good Sweeteners

Stevia is a healthy sweetener


Artificial sweeteners like saccharine can still be quite unhealthy. If you must have a sweetener, try to choose stevia. Things like brown sugar, honey, and syrups are just as bad for you as white sugar except for the fact that they contain small amounts of some nutrients and minerals. Sugar can be hidden as all sorts of things like fructose corn syrup so be sure to check your labels for nutritional information.

5. Stay Away From Processed Food

Processed foods take a toll on your health


A good rule of thumb is to eat foods that aren’t messed with too much. Uncured, fresh meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and raw, unsalted nuts. Try to buy foods in their natural form as much as possible. Processed foods contain all sorts of hidden additives which you can’t control or monitor unless you want to spend the rest of your life reading labels and googling what all of those long words actually mean.

6. Add Healthy Fats

There is no reason to be afraid of fats


There’s no reason to be afraid of fats. Organic milk, cheese, butter, and cream can all be good for you in moderation. They provide protein as well. Other healthy fats include nuts, fatty fish, and avocados. Once your body starts to burn fat in the absence of carbs, you can afford to add more of these into your diet, leaving you feeling much more satiated.

7. Try These Forms Of Carbs

These carbs are better for you.


If you must include carbs, try to stick to complex non-gluten foods. These include things like rice, oats, quinoa, lentils, black beans, pinto beans, sweet potatoes, and other tubers. Again, time these meals around your workout or for the morning.

8. Eat Fiber

Fiber is needed for a healthy gut

Now that you’ve eliminated most gluten grains, and other carby vegetables, it’s possible that your diet may become protein heavy and fiber deficient. Make a conscious effort to include more fibrous vegetables into your diet.

9. Don’t Just Stick To Dieting

Get plenty of physical activity as well.

Of course, just dieting is not going to help you in the long run. Your entire lifestyle needs to reflect healthier choices. This means limiting alcohol, cutting out cigarettes, and other vices. It also means you need a regular workout routine to go with your diet.

You don’t have to see carbs as your enemy but it’s a good idea to keep some distance. These ground rules can help you get started and stick to it.