Balancing Feminine And Masculine Energies Is The Key To A Happy Relationship

Energies that flow through us control a lot about us. It determines our persona, behavior and our relationships. Yes, our relationships are also controlled by our energies. Women often find it difficult to understand men and vice-versa. It is often mind-boggling to women how men can be emotionally distant. And men often wonder about the need women feel to always talk about their feelings. This is not a gross generalization of the two genders, but this happens. So, to understand this deep dissent, we must dig much deeper into our energies.

Relationship Problems

Relationship problems


In a relationship, a couple is very likely to have an argument about their lack of understanding of each other. We often fail to understand ourselves and our partners which is why we end up with problems. The universal dilemma of understanding another individual can become more prominent when we get into a relationship with someone who has a very different range of energy than us. And this is not a heterosexual relationship problem, this is just as big a problem in a homosexual relationships. For example, an average individual with an intermediate range of energies will have a lot of trouble being with another individual who has an extremely feminine energy. This analogy will become more clear in sometime. And relationships often fall apart when two people don’t understand this problem and stop making efforts. Eventually, the relationship loses passion and its sense of connection, and then hit a dead end. But a lot of these problems can be fixed if two people understand their problems and can work on it together.

What Are Feminine And Masculine Energies?



In an energy spectrum, we will find a wide range of energies from masculine to feminine. Each individual contains both of these energies, but he/she will lean towards one little more than the other. Women obviously tend to have more feminine energy and men tend to have more of masculine energy. But this doesn’t mean we lack the other energy, but the amount tends to vary. Masculine energy would always seek complete freedom. And feminine energy would always seek companionship and love. Both of these energies are required in an individual. And the problem arises when there is too much of any of the weak energies.

When a man has too much of weak masculine energy, he will always try to seek freedom from his problems and wouldn’t want to commit to solving it. It is true, even in terms of a relationship. A man with high amount of weak masculine energy will have a fear of commitment and will try to avert all emotionally challenging situations. Similarly, a woman with too much of weak feminine energy will try too hard to find a mate or can start acting clingy with her partner. Women with weak feminine energy would obsessively try to be in a relationship as they are afraid of being alone.


Finding The Delicate Balance Within To End The Dissent

Balancing the energies

The fine balance between the masculine and feminine energies can be compared to yin and yang. Two energies that can co-exist in a way that they can empower each other, rather than weaken by drawing energy out. The masculine energy of a partner must provide a sense of security for the feminine energy of the other partner to flow freely. And the feminine energy of one partner must be there in the time of need to provide support so that the masculine energy can take important decisions and be vulnerable when required. The energies must compliment each other for maintaining harmony in the relationship. The partners can support each other’s energies as both of them contain both the energies to function in harmony. But it is important that the partners are constantly helping each other to grow to become more zen individuals, who are in sync with their energies.


We can achieve all kinds of ‘relationship goals’ if we can learn to control and channelize our energies positively in a relationship and help our partners to achieve the same.