5 Terrible Mental Habits You Should Ditch Right Now

We often overlook the small and focus on the big. That’s a big mistake we make when it comes to making big changes in our lives. Mental habits are no different in that sense. If you are looking to change your big mental habits, then you must take a hard look at all the small things that you are doing mentally. These small changes come together to make huge changes in our lives. Remember, the only thing holding you back to live up to your maximum potential is you. We often don’t realize how the smallest of things can shape our perspectives. So, use this to your advantage and focus on the good instead. This way you can trick your brain into thinking what you want it to think. Below is the list of mental habits that you should nip in the bud to bring positive changes in lives.

1. Not Living In The Moment

Focus on the moment


Not living in the moment is one of the biggest reasons why people are constantly stressed. When we are constantly living in the past, then we are constantly fearful of our future. When we are constantly thinking about the future, we are going to be constantly anxious. But what we often forget is neither our past nor our future can be controlled by us. The only moment that you have control over is now, the moment in time that you are in right now. When we learn to control our ‘now’, we can definitely shape a better future. All the moments that you lose become your past. So, don’t let your ‘now’ go from your hand.

2. Procrastination


This is another mental habit that wrecks us mentally. We often tend to procrastinate the things that scare or worry us. But in the midst of the procrastination, we often overlook the fact that we are only prolonging our misery by pushing our problems till later. If we learn to deal with the things that make us uncomfortable without procrastination, then we liberate ourselves from the shackles of fear and anxiety of what might or might not happen.

3. Consciously Avoiding Personal Interaction

 Personal interaction

This is a potentially damaging habit. Modern technologies have given us a lot of boons. But diminished personal interactions aren’t one such thing. When we are constantly communicating through texts or messages, we limit ourselves. Interacting with people through apps is like looking at the world through a key hole. It stops us from being vulnerable and real because we can edit our responses. We are not experiencing emotions in their truest form when we are constantly obsessed about witty virtual repartees. So, stop hiding behind messaging apps and pick up a real conversation with a real individual.

4. Overdependent On Gadgets

Ditch the gadgets

The virtual world has become an easily accessible escape for everyone. It allows us to escape from the harsh realities of lives that we dread facing. Unfortunately, that dreadful reality that you are trying to escape is the very thing that will toughen you up. You will not remember your news feeds from Facebook on your last day. But, you will remember your bad times that made you the person that you aspired to be. So, interact with people, and enrich your mind and life with enlightening conversations.

5. Multitasking Excessively


Multitasking can be an amazing way of getting things done. Unfortunately, this same multitasking can make you distracted and diminish your ability to focus. When we are working on multiple things at the same time, it can divide our single-minded focus into many things. It can make us restless and indecisive. So, multitasking is great when it is absolutely necessary, but avoid it as much as you can. This will help you in being calm and more focused.

Celebrated writer Robert Frost famously said, “The best way out is always through.” It held good then and it holds good now. Don’t let temporary discomfort derail you from achieving your mental goals. Stay focused and positive along the way.