5 Bad Habits That Are Draining Your Energy

These bad habits could be draining your energy without you knowing it.

To be lively, joyful and full of energy is a goal that most of us want to reach. A lot of us often think that the next big thing in our lives will finally get us to where we are supposed to be; be it a promotion, a relationship or a new house among other materialistic gains. While these events and situations can certainly have a tremendous effect on how we feel, it is also quite temporary and within a few weeks or months, we might feel like we are back at square one. At times like this, it is important that we keep ourselves in check and be wary of some bad habits that we may have slipped into. These habits might seem harmless but have a very potent effect on how we feel and especially our energy levels. If you find yourself practicing these habits, you might want to work on moving away from them.

1. Spending More Than You Earn

The stress of debt takes a toll on your overall health


In a world that readily gives you a credit card without any immediate consequences, most of us jump at the opportunity and make the most of what the card offers us. Too many people don’t think about the future and spend their money knowing very well that they may not be able to afford it. They push each month’s payment to the next until they have no money left to pay and find themselves in a lot of trouble. Though it may be tempting to blow all of your credit on materials, try to make a financial plan that keeps you within your means and can even help you save for the future. The fear and anxiety you face when you are in debt can take a massive toll on your mental health.

2. Social Media Immersion

Social media does more harm than good

The last decade has seen an unbelievable rise in the number of people that use social media. There are millions and millions of accounts that have posed over billions of photographs and posts till now, and the number is rising rapidly and exponentially. Research and studies are quickly fading out however that though social media provides a wonderful opportunity to express yourself, it also causes depression, anxiety and unhappiness among its users. People may know that what they see on social media is not always real, but they begin to compare themselves to unreal people and their glossed up lives. If you think that social media is affected you too much, take a break to set your priorities straight.

3. Being A Lone Wolf

A good social support system is important for good mental health

There is a certain charm to being a lone wolf, and people who fend for themselves are seen as mysteriously attractive and successful. This image, along with some people’s inability to find the right friends, leads to a lot of people who are unhappy about their status but are also unwilling to change their “lone wolf” status because they are afraid to be hurt. While it is sometimes necessary for us to pull away from people, having good socialĀ support can actually protect us against depression and anxiety and other types of mental illnesses. Find yourself a few people you can always depend on, as this has a great positive effect on your health.

4. Not Having Boundaries

Boundaries keep you way from things you don't like

A lot of us are not able to say “no” even when we know that it is the right answer. In an effort to please everyone around us, we try to diffuse our boundaries and take part in activities that make us unhappy, fearful and can even lead to a decline in our mental health in the long run. This is true especially if you have been raised to please people around you and have not been taught to draw boundaries. Boundaries not only protect you, but can also give you a stronger sense of self. They help you to understand and prioritize the events and people in your life.

5. Complaining

Complaining creates a negative environment

Complaining might seem like a fun thing to do at the time, especially when you get the vent about people and situations that frustrate you. It helps to release some stress, but after this, it doesn’t really do much. In fact, it can even have a negative effect on you and can lead to more stress and a negative outlook on like. Complaining can even make the people around you tired of your perspective on life, and before you know it, make you a highly negative person. Instead of complaining, try to see how you can tackle problems that come your way or try to find a lesson in every negative situation in your life.