Ayurvedic Health Tips For The Spring Season

It is hard not to feel joyous as we leave the dark coldness of winter and transition into spring. As nature bestows us with warmer weather and budding flowers, you may notice an increase in energy and feel a sense of newness. You might notice that you are craving lighter, greener foods and a general desire to clean not just your house but your body.

During the spring, the energy of Kapha dosha is dominant. Kapha Dosha is made up of the energy of the elements of earth and water and when this energy is in excess, the moisture and heaviness can bog us down. While you may feel great at the beginning of Spring, as you progress through the season and the energy of Kapha builds up, you might start to develop allergies, phlegm, congestion, swelling and a general feeling of heaviness both physically and mentally.


Detoxification During Spring:

The art of Ayurvedic therapy involves a continual cycle of detoxification and rejuvenation. Ayurveda closely follows the rhythms of nature, and spring and fall are the natural times for our bodies to cleanse things that accumulated in the prior season.

Spring is the best time of year to detoxify and lose weight by shedding the excess energy of the winter. You can cleanse yourself gently by following the lifestyle and eating guidelines below.


Ayurvedic Cleansing:

For a deeper spring cleansing, I recommend that you follow Banyan Botanicals 7-Day Spring Cleanse, which starts with determining your Ayurvedic constitution. You can then order their lovely Cleanse Kit that contains all of the information and products that you need to do the cleanse.

Spring Lifestyle Guidelines:

Incorporating these guidelines into your daily life will help you maintain a feeling of lightness throughout the spring season:


– Use a neti pot and navsa oil daily to reduce allergies and spring clean your brain
– Stay warm
– Avoid a leisurely or lazy lifestyle, and change your daily routine when possible
– Go to bed early and rise early, with no daytime napping
– Allow excitement, challenge and change into your life as much as possible
– Make time for introspective activities like meditation and journaling
– Listen to uplifting music
– Massage your body daily with sesame oil
– Use bright, vivid colors in your surroundings (red, orange, gold, purple)
– Choose stimulating and vigorous exercise, like running or vinyasa yoga
– Encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage by massage your body with a dry loofah, natural bristle massage brush or silk gloves

 Spring Eating guidelines:

Guess what? By eating what is in season, you will naturally balance Kapha dosha (and this is true for all seasons/doshas)! Shop at your farmers market or grocery store that carries local produce and you will be eating the appropriate foods automatically.


You can also follow these guidelines:

– Eat at regular times throughout the day and avoid snacking
– Eat your biggest meal at lunch, and have light breakfasts and dinners
– Favor foods that are light, dry and warm (both in temperature and spiciness)
– Reduce foods that are heavy, oily and cold
– Reduce dairy, especially cold milk with cereal