Simple Ayurveda Tips For Affordable Spring Detox At Home

Ideal Time For Spring Detox

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to undergo a simple detoxification program. In Ayurveda, the coming of spring is seen as a naturally cleansing time of the year and therefore a Panchakarma ( Ayurveda´s most potent detox program) is highly recommended. Just as the mild warmth of the spring sun melts away the snow and cold, the expanding warmth of the season helps to loosen the toxins which have built up in the body and mind as a result of much time being spent indoors in the winter. Spring offers us a unique opportunity to flush out the impurities and revive, rejuvenate and refresh our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Toxins, or ‘ama’ as it is termed in Ayurveda, negatively affects all aspects of our lives. If the tongue feels coated upon waking up and movement is accompanied by pains in the joints or if you feel like you are coming down with a cold, then you can be sure that you are in need of a spring cleanse. But the thought of a fast or a radical cleanse can be quite daunting.


Simple Detox Tips To Rejuvenate Mind And Body

I recommend that you make small changes to your lifestyle and bring about a quick cleansing of your mind and body using simple techniques listed below:

  • Begin each day by scraping your tongue using a metal or plastic tongue scraper. You can even use a spoon if you do not have a scraper. This will help remove deposits from your tongue thereby helping you taste your food better and hopefully will satiate you faster.
  • Drink a big cup of warm water with a dash of lemon juice and honey to kick start your metabolism soon after brushing and scraping your tongue.
  • Try to eliminate fizzy drinks, caffeine, dairy, wheat, processed food and meat from your diet for about a week.
  • Eat oatmeal for breakfast and lunch and dinner can comprise of lightly cooked vegetables, lentils, soups, fruits, and nuts.
  • Add some ghee to your diet.
  • If possible, have khichdi for lunch each day for a week. Khichdi is known as complete food in Ayurveda and truly serves as medicine as well.
  • Keep dinner very light and if it is possible, skip dinner and replace it with a fruit or a soup, just for the week of detox.
  • Add some greens to your diet and also increase your intake of green tea at this time.
  • Add some spices such as cumin, coriander, fennel and basil to your diet and even herbal infusions made of these spices will work well.
  • Use the pleasant weather outside as a motivator to get outdoors and go for long walks or jogs.
  • Practice some gentle yoga moves and focus on the Surya Namaskars.
  • Spend some time meditating each day and ensure that you also maintain a gratefulness journal.
  • Go for an Abhyanga massage with an experienced therapist or do an Abhyanga on yourself using sesame oil.
  • Avoid negative situations, people, and content and use any spare time you have on expanding your internal environment.
  • Breathe deeply and be aware of your breath from time to time.
  • Take a small teaspoon of Ashwagandha in case you are feeling stressed to ensure a good night´s rest and also take some Triphala to help the body detoxify completely.

Follow all the above tips and observe that in a week´s time, the body will start showing signs of renewal and rejuvenation. You will feel lighter, enjoy higher energy levels, be more relaxed and cheerful, enjoy the better quality of sleep and have radiant and glowing skin.