Ayurveda: The Philosophy, Importance of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and Dosha Cycles

Ayurveda: The Philosophy, Importance of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and Dosha Cycles
Ayurveda: The Philosophy, Importance of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and Dosha Cycles

Dosha Cycles:

1.       VATA Energy: Late Night-Early morning (2 AM – 6 AM):

BOOTING! This is the time when the body initiates its “booting up” process. This period of deep sleep, when you step forth on your dream rides, is also the time for the digestive system to initiate the waste elimination process. The Vedas suggest rising up during this “waking up” stage of the body, ideally an hour to 1/2 hour before sunrise, to reap the benefits of Vata energy. Though an “odd” hour for many, with doubts on your ability to stay awake through the day, due to “less” sleep, the abundance of energy, all day long, will astonish you. Sadly most of us wake up in the next Kapha period making us feel groggy and restless. If you have managed to avoid snoozing off the alarm and actually woken up then you have made a GREAT start. Freshen up, hydrate yourself and try yoga/meditation to liven up.

2. KAPHA Energy: Early Morning-Late Morning (6 AM – 10 AM):

CHARGING! Everything about Kapha energy is Slow. Rouse the various body functions steadily without hurrying or overburdening them. Your digestive system has just woken up, so say “Good morning”, by ingesting something light and easy to digest. Breakfast at around 7 should be just fine. Eat enough to take you to lunch. Use this sluggish period to tick off some simple tedious tasks off your task list. Creativity and Strategy can take a back seat now.

3. PITTA Energy: Late Morning – Mid Day(10 AM – 2 PM):

FULL CHARGE! This is the phase of the day when everything just starts revving up; thoughts, perceptions, discriminations, and intellect at their absolute zenith. Use this spark to connect, strategize, set goals, organize, and analyze! You will be surprised, how motivated and ready people are for a challenge, during these noon meetings. Not surprisingly, the “fire” in your belly is also at its peak, so make the lunch, at noon, the grandest meal of the day!

4. VATA Energy: Mid Day-Early Evening(2 PM – 6 PM):

DISCHARGE! Feeling Fidgety? Blame it on the Vata energy, which wants things moving. You are not really hungry but want to munch on something, just to beat the boredom. Some just chat up over a cup of tea. Meetings normally end with dreary faces and lots of doodles on writing pads. Though a sluggish phase, if you are one with creative pursuits, you will chance upon some innovative ideas. And if you can force yourself to make a to-do list for the next day, your Kapha will reward you with better productivity, when it kicks in next morning.

5. KAPHA Energy: Early Evening-Late Evening (6 PM – 10 PM):

SHUTTING DOWN! Try not to take any challenging assignment during this phase. Ideally reach home, freshen up, relax, and catch up on precious family time. Digestive processes are winding down, so say “Thank you” with a light supper, ideally a couple of hours before you hit the sack.  Get into bed by 10, allowing the calmness of the kapha phase, to sedate you in restful slumber.

6. PITTA Energy: Late Evening-Early morning (10 PM – 2 AM):

Remember the advice to doze off before 10? Another “told you so” moment! Pitta, the source of action, is here and you will feel like something in your brain just sparked up. In its relentless urge to “digest” everything in its path, Pitta, forces the mind to digest and make sense of everything before switching off, including thoughts, perceptions, and everything given to your mind and body from the entire day. To avoid getting into the churning machine, drag yourself into bed before 10! And now staying in bed, beyond sunrise, will then become impossible! Wake up feeling fresh, restful and happy.