Embracing Ayurveda To Enhance The Quality Of Life

Ayurveda for health and life

The definition of a life well-lived will vary amongst individuals. For many of us today, it centers around the concept of materialism. In the pursuit of having more, we have already risked the health of both the environment and mankind. Ayurveda, India’s greatest gifts to mankind advocates leading a life of mindful choices that revolves around compassion and intention. Being a way of life, ayurvedic traditions when followed, enhance health and longevity of an individual.

Origin-wise, Ayurveda is a sub-text of Atharvaveda, one of the 4 Vedas. The basis of Ayurveda is not just curing a disease but enabling the body to attain overall health because that’s the most important determinant of a good quality life.


Core Principle Of Ayurveda

balance the mind and body through ayurveda

Ayurveda can be roughly translated as the wisdom about life. The core thought of Ayurveda is that everything in this universe is made of 5 elements: air, earth, ether, fire and water. These elements exist in each human being as the 3 life-forces or doshas ( kapha, pitta and vata) that determine our body constitutions.


Only in recent times, we started to recognize the paramount importance of mental well-being for the overall health of an individual. However, Ayurveda always advocated that the mind and body are nothing but two expressions or manifestations of the same consciousness. The mind is more into thought formation and the body involves organ system functioning, both of which need each other for total nourishment.1

The inability to let go of emotional baggage as well eliminate physical waste can drastically hamper our mental and physical well-being. Ayurveda recommends the adoption of lifestyle changes that emphasize the serenity of the mind along with enhancement of the body’s innate immune systems to protect against most illnesses.


Ayurvedic Practices That Enhance The Quality Of Life

ayurvedic way of life for good health

Ayurveda has always associated risk factors like anger, exhaustion, stress, sedentary life and unhealthy diet as the major contributors to all diseases. Practitioners of modern medicine too, attribute the above factors as the main culprits of lifestyle diseases today. According to Ayurvedic way of life, good health relies upon a variety of lifestyle and mindset changes.


Illness arises when there is an imbalance between the three doshas. Falling ill is also a process that first arises in a subtle manner before it actually manifests as visible symptoms. Following Ayurvedic practices keeps the doshas in balance thereby preventing sickness to arise.

8 Ayurvedic Tips For A Quality Life

  1. Practice meditation and pranayama daily to calm and strengthen your mind
  2. Eat sattvic foods like whole grains, organic fruits, vegetables and lean proteins
  3. Have an enthusiastic approach to life because that’s the biggest indicator of ‘wellness’
  4. Quit any substance that interferes with your body and mind
  5. Indulge in intermittent fasting once in a week to detoxify your body
  6. Exercise for at least 45 minutes daily
  7. Have kind thoughts and words when you speak to yourself as well as others
  8. Never compromise on a good night sleep

Modern medicine is not entirely bad news. The way emergency medical procedures have developed in allopathy is commendable. However, modern medicine is not a way of life, unlike Ayurveda. Ayurveda believes in life preservation by preventing disease. For long the credibility and reach of ancient medicinal practices like Ayurveda were oppressed but thanks to free thinkers and advocates of holistic living, it’s thriving. Ultimately, Ayurveda is not a single entity that you can own or a pill that you can pop. It consists of all those minor and major changes you should make to your diet, thoughts, and lifestyle as a whole which will eventually make your life, a well-lived one.2