10 Reasons To Have A Best Friend Of The Opposite Sex

Whoever said that two people of opposite sex can’t be platonic friends were absolutely wrong! What better than having a best friend who knows you just too well, is your confidant, and is of the other gender? If you still aren’t convinced, we tell you how awesome is a girl-boy BFF (best friend forever) duo.

Reasons To Have A Best Friend Of The Opposite Sex

1. It’s Double The Fun

Opposite sex BFFs are double the fun


Your best friend will probably have an all different idea about fun. He/she will open the doors for you to explore various versions of fun you were totally unaware of. You may even end up discovering a new hobby you never knew you were good at! Time to think beyond shopping and try some gaming or vice-versa.

2. A Panda Hug With No Hidden Agenda

A big hug soothes instantly


Sometimes, all you need is a big bear hug to feel the world’s still a good place. And nothing can be more comforting than getting it from your BFF of the opposite sex. No hidden agenda, only pure care and a lot of coziness.

3. The Non-existent Drama Quotient

Zero drama quotient


In most of the cases, best friends of same-sex have at least a few things which they never talk about. Call it vying or just the normal tendency of their gender, there is a lot of drama. Well, not anymore, if your friend is of the other sex! They tell you, you are wrong when you are and don’t give a damn about your tantrums. That gets things straight and cuts down on a lot a drama.

4. A Fashion Police By Your Side

Your BFF is the best fashion police


Unlike a friend of the same sex, you don’t have to validate your looks 100 times to actually make sure it’s good. The best friend of the other sex is honest about how you look and is sure that an honest advice won’t cause a harm to your relationship. Moreover, he/she doesn’t want to hang out with someone who looks like a buffoon.

5. A Fake Emergency Date On The Go

BFF of opposite sex is a good emergency date


Got a boring event to attend or do not want to appear like a loser at a family gathering? You have by your side, your best friend, who can pretend to be your date and put an end to your woes. Moreover, imagine the amount of fun you would have eating, drinking, and dancing together without being judged! And if one of you passes out, well, a reliable chauffeur is at your instant service.

6. The No-filter Humor

No filter for humor


You now have probably discussed every pettiest thing on the planet and are comfortable sharing your weird imagination and humor with your best friend. The perks – no filter, no judgments. The high level of tolerance to discomfort you both have developed lets you free and makes you laugh together at the silliest things.

7. An Easy Gate Pass To Dates

Easy gate pass to probable dates


Your friend is your easy gate pass to their bunch of friends, roommates, and brothers/sisters. You might end up finding your kind in this big bunch which is easily accessible. Even if you don’t, you are now a pro being friends with both the genders and see your circle growing every day.

8. Access To Each Others’ Brains

Access To Each Others' Brains

You no longer have to worry about the broader perspective on how women/men think in a particular situation. Just ask your friend. They give you a complete insight on how each gender thinks about a significant stuff and the world becomes a lot easier.

9. Being Each Others’ Wing(wo)man

Opposite sex BFFs act as wingman/woman

Having a BFF of the opposite sex facilitates you to go talk to that complete stranger who you think is hot. Your friend doesn’t just help you find one but also creates a perfect environment to get comfortable with your new date. After all, aren’t best friends supposed to be the perfect partners for all *good* deeds?

10. Sniffing Bad People Out Of Your Lives

BFFs help get rid of bad people

Be it bad dates or fake friends, your this friend will give you an honest image of everyone. They just know you too well and rightfully do what’s good for you. Those honest and cut-throat opinions save you in a long run!

They add all the more fun to your lives and make this world an amazing place. Go, give that best friend a bear hug today!