Avoid These 9 High-Risk Physical Activities During Pregnancy

We can never place enough emphasis on the importance of indulging in some physical activity during pregnancy. For instance, practicing exercises regularly during pregnancy and otherwise, keeps us healthy and fit. By doing yoga, you can learn the breathing techniques, which will be helpful during labor and birth.

However, pregnancy demands that a woman takes special care of her body and avoid indulging in heavy physical activity that could do harm rather than any good. Expectant moms are always advised to carry out mild activities well withing their comfort zones, so it doesn’t have a negative effect on the baby.


We bring to you a list of physical indulgences, which you should refrain from doing. They may not be safe for your baby or for your own body during these precious months.

1. No Exercises While Lying On Stomach

This is very much understood. When you are forbidden from sleeping on your tummy, it becomes very much clear to avoid postures and exercises that demand you to lie on the floor face-down. It could injure your baby—even a small injury can result in major complications over time. Skip the part of the exercise where you have to lie the ground and continue with the rest of the routine.


2. A Big No To Intense Aerobics

It is okay if you like doing aerobic exercises—light aerobics is actually beneficial. However, high intensity aerobic workouts like jumping and bouncing isn’t good for expectant moms. While you are gaining your pregnancy weight, these activities might imbalance you—risking a cramp here or a fall there. If you have been through a miscarriage before, make sure you consult your doctor even before going for light aerobics.

3. Avoid The Adrenaline Pump At An Amusement Park

Are you planning to get on that roller coaster at 12 weeks into your pregnancy? Don’t even think about it! More than the hoo-la-loops, your stomach would be churning due to enhanced nausea typical of the pregnancy period. Even the sudden jerks and jostling of the roads would cause harm to the baby, floating inside you.


4. Lifting Heavy Weights Could Prove To Be Dangerous

Your abdomen and back are under immense pressure when you lift heavy objects. It could injure your abdominal muscles while your back, which is already bearing the weight of your expanding belly, could experience unnecessary stress. Lifting weights could also increase the risk of an imbalance. A mom who has gone through a miscarriage earlier must keep a good distance from a physical activity that involves lifting weights.

5. Say No To Sauna Baths

You might love to immerse yourself in hot tubs or have sauna baths, but only before or after your pregnancy. When you are carrying, the temperature of the water used in bath should match your body temperature. The same water could also increase risk of infections if the water or the tub isn’t clean. It is better to be safe than sorry. On the contrary, a warm-water bath that comfortably suits your body temperature could feel relaxing.


6. Limit Cycling

As your tummy will grow in size, activities like cycling may seem to be uncomfortable. There is always a risk of imbalance and a fall when your body is still getting accustomed to the growing weight. Limit your cycling or have somebody with you to ensure your well-being.

7. Skip Certain Yoga Postures

Yes, yoga is good for your health—it offers you a plethora of benefits to a mom. You also know that some postures require you to lift, twist, stretch you body to a greater extent—this must be avoided by a pregnant lady. Consult your doctor before you join the class and inform your trainer or a practitioner about your pregnancy. Make sure he/she knows about safe yoga during pregnancy. If they don’t specialize in that, switch to prenatal yoga classes that specifically teach yoga to expectant moms.


8. Keep Away From Contact Sports

And by the we mean sports like volleyball, horse riding, skiing—skip them for very obvious reasons: risk of falling and injuring yourself. Pregnancy hormone called Relaxin will ease your joints, which assist your body during childbirth, but certainly put you at a disadvantage when it comes to heavy physical activities.

9. Rethink On Running And Jogging

The world champion and Olympic athlete Alysia Montano made news when she ran an 800 meter track in the US Track and Field Championships at 34 weeks into pregnancy. Even ace tennis player Serena Williams won the Grand Slam title this year while she was pregnant.
If this is giving you inspiration, then reconsider it. These sportspeople have been indulged into their game for a long time and are well-versed with the theory of movement and balance.
If you are a beginner, keep it to walking to avoid any risks at all.


You need not show off by being a tough mom. We suggest practicing any high-intensity physical activities after consulting with your doctor.