Autumn Season: Cultivate Art of Receiving And Letting Go

Fall is in the air, schedules are back to normal, kids are in school and it is like a mini- re-set button we all get to press.  This is the season of inspiration and spiritual connection, as well as letting go of useless limiting habit patterns that have kept us operating as if we are living in the past.

The two organs, according to Ancient Chinese Medicine and Wisdom, associated with this season respectively are the Lungs and the Large Intestine.

Spiritually, the Lungs receive inspiration from the Universe (or the Heavens).  This sense of deep fulfillment of receiving is most poignantly felt when our own soul, spirit, or essence has been touched.  This does not come from material possessions (where things get used up or possessed), but instead from spending time in nature, receiving a heartfelt compliment from someone you truly trust and admire, or listening to a particular piece of music or a reading.

When your soul (your Lung qi)  is open to receiving, this creates a beautiful feeling of vitality. When your Lung qi is weakened this feeling and openness can be blocked.  This can lead to a deep desire to fill this “void” ; a longing to experience connection and meaning in life; to feel truly alive. This can be the main goal for some, reaching this goal however they feel it can be reached (maybe through compulsive or numbing activities or through strong devotion and worship to name a few examples).


The Chinese Medicine Clock Theory

The hours between 3 am and 5 am is classically understood to be when the sages in the east meditate as it is a time most conducive to receiving inspiration from the Heavens.

According to the Chinese Medicine Clock Theory each organ has a two hour time period where it is functioning at its best-


Our Lungs are at their strongest at this time (between 3 and 5 am), lending ease to spiritual ritual and mental focus on the breath.  Between 5 am and 7am our Large Intestine is at its strongest.  Our Large Intestine holds the energy of eliminating waste from the body, mind and spirit.  When this function is not working, people can become mentally congested, with the inability to let go of things and move on in their lives. Depression can ensue which also affects the Lungs in their ability to connect and receive inspiration around them. The Lungs connect us to the Heavens and the Large Intestine connects us to the Earth, balancing and supporting us in the action of receiving and letting go.

I invite you to take a few moments each day– particularly in the early morning– when both your Lungs and Large Intestine are at their strongest, to consciously breathe deeply. Inhale a gratitude you feel in your life that fills your soul.  Exhale while experiencing that appreciation throughout your muscles, bones, and cells . Continue this cycle of thought in connection with your breath.  These moments when you first wake up create the tone for the rest of your day.  To awaken with gratitude and deep breathing is to feel your soul filled from the very first moments of the day.  This in turn will create a feeling of wholeness and completeness in which a desire to fill up any type of “lacking” mood or emotion will eventually be energetically released and diminished.  You may come to find old habit patterns will be given up, or the desire for them will be lessened due to this new satisfying feeling you will have connected yourself to.


I wish you many happy starts to fulfilling days ahead that lead to a letting go of things that no longer serve to nourish you 🙂