Autoimmunity Is Not A Diagnosis But An Indicator

Autoimmune Is Not A Diagnosis But An Indicator

I haven’t felt good lately. In fact, I have felt bad off and on my entire adult life. I look back and think about the times I have gotten sick and many times growing up I caught “bugs” (stomach bugs, cold bugs). Then as a teen, the very first time I got “drunk” (Boones Farm wine, UGH, who remembers Strawberry Hill?? lol), I woke up with a severe sore throat and sinus crap. I believe that was the beginning of a viral infection that took hold in my body (Epstein-Barr) and also the co-factor of strep.

I have lived with this my entire adult life. Many triggers have caused issues for me. Gluten, candida, stress, the list is endless. The doctors tell me that my chronic fatigue is due to autoimmune thyroid and adrenal fatigue. Well, DUH, yes my thyroid is suffering, yes my adrenals are compensating for the stress and suffering.


My question is “Why would my body do that?”.

The Food Elimination Trial

While attending nutrition school, I started trying different things to start feeling better finally. I quit drinking; that was a biggy for me. I gave up gluten, and that was not hard at all. I have been grain free, I have been vegan, and everything in between trying to figure out what would heal my body because I do know one thing for sure, food is medicine. (I’m talking about GOD given food, NOT fake processed food or GMOs).


I also started removing toxic medications and personal care items too, which I know has helped., replacing them with pure essential oils. But I am still left with the questions, “what can I do with my diet to FEEL BETTER?” and “what can I do keep my thyroid from swelling in my throat?

I went on the Auto Immune Paleo (AIP) diet thinking that would solve everything; I cut out even more foods from my diet.Mind you, at this point I had cut out even some fruits and veggies that I thought I was allergic to, or I thought were “goitrogenic” and they would hurt my thyroid.


Here is my truth from the past two months on AIP: almost every time I went to find something to eat in my kitchen, I would feel like crying. In my opinion, THAT is worse for my health than the foods I was avoiding.

Mood And Food Connection

If you think about the fact that we eat at least three times per day, and most people eat snacks too, that is ample opportunity to feel good or feel bad about what we put in our mouths. There is most definitely a connection between our emotions, our gut, and our health. Our doctors do not understand this connection. There is not enough focus in medical school on diet and nutrition. Food is the most important factor in disease of any kind.


I need to have peace of mind that I am eating to nourish my body and soul. I read the book Medical Medium, and I am implementing changes in my diet that Anthony recommends. Mostly raw vegan and if I feel like I need some meat, I will allow myself to eat it. No veggies are off limits, and all fruits are on the menu.

NO, my body is not attacking itself.


Why would our body do that? It makes no sense. Our immune systems attack pathogens. That makes way more sense than “your body is attacking your thyroid”. It makes total sense that there is a VIRUS hiding in my organs.

I will be eating an anti-viral diet and taking the recommended supplements from the book. I will be calling on some of the Essential Angels he talks about in the book to support me through this process. I will let go of my control freakiness and not expect my body to heal overnight. I will trust the process, and I will trust that my crazy path of healing has brought me to this point. My thyroid medication is the last form of pharmaceuticals that I still take and want to get OFF of them.


I want my body to be free of the root cause of all my issues so I can have the energy to do what I am meant to do, which is to help as many people as possible to start on their own healing journey.