Vinaya Saunders

Vinaya is an RYT-500 and passionate yogini. Her teaching is a rounded balance of guided meditation techniques, pranayama for overall emotional and physical development, and Ayurveda. Greatly inspired by Bhramakumaris raja yoga and Yogananda's kriya yoga, Vinaya uses the benefits of these teachings to encourage stability in handling life's situations and helping others find ultimate health and transformation in their lives.

10 Effective Tips To Be An Awesome Mother!

Waking up earlier than everyone will help you have increased levels of energy. Stop comparing. Live in the moment. Eat healthy. Pamper yourself. Set your priorities. Let go of the super mom and accept who you are. Stay fit both emotionally and physically. Practice gratitude. Find a hobby and let your creativity flow. Remember you are awesome.

4 Simple Yoga Asanas Every Mom Should Do To Recharge!

The Never-Ending Routine: As women, we enjoy the transition into being a mother, yet we often forego taking care of ourselves. There is always someone who...

Want More Nourishment From Your Food? Eat Your Meals Sitting On The Floor.

When was the last time you had to make the effort or were forced to squat on the floor? Unfortunately, for many of us...

How Ayurveda Can Help Support A New Mother’s Needs

A mother feels exhausted, depleted, and tired after childbirth. Ayurveda recommends 6 weeks rest after a child birth. Prolonged discomfort, depression, and lack of recovery can cause fatigue, stress, hemorrhoids, irritability, depression and digestive problems resulting in chronic health problems later. Healthy fresh cooked meals, clean and positive environment, a good warm oil massage, and belly wrapping to restore organs and muscles can help a new mother.

14 Vital Tips to Cope with Stress During Pregnancy

In today's day and age, we have come far away from what ancient texts describe. According to Ayurveda, the most important time for a woman is when she is...

Fennel’s Health Benefits, Healing Properties, Usage And Side Effects

If you have tried Indian cuisine then you will be aware of the significance of Fennel seeds. It is religiously used in Indian kitchens...

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