Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Varalakshmi Yanamandra is young and highly driven Ayurvedic Physician. She graduated B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from one of the reputed colleges in Southern India. Now she started practicing Ayurvedic medicine at Ayurnilayam. She did excellent work on Childhood diseases, Female disorders, Digestive problems and other ailments like migraine, sinusitis. Her previous working experience with some of the best renowned Ayurvedic panchakarma Physicians from South India gave her insight into Ayurveda's unique procedures which she kept in to practice at Ayurnilayam,London. She is a full time member of APA(AYURVEDIC PRACTITIONERS ASSSOCIATION) UK.

Ayurveda: Tips For Spring

Ayurveda explains the seasonal changes and its effect on our body and gives a detailed diet and exercise plan that one need to follow in a given particular season. For instance, as the snow and ice which melts after winter due to warmth in spring, likewise the accumulated kapha in the body dissolves and will cause Cold, Cough and other allergies. So, proper diet and activity which can keep Kapha in balance are advised in spring. Here are some of the do’s and don’t’s for this spring season.

10 Easy Ways To Remove Stress From Your Life

Stress is a part of a routine in today's world. Getting rid of the stress though might appear simple, is a tough task. Eating healthy, remaining calm and focused, listening to music, exercising, meditating, practising yoga, making lifestyle changes, using ayurvedic herbal formulations, are some of the simple techniques to de-stress yourself.

Ginger: An Ayurvedic Universal Medicine

The Ayurvedic benefits of ginger are that when taken with rock salt it reduces Vata, with rock candy reduces Pitta and with honey reduces Kapha, helps with indigestion, increases appetite, sore throat, morning sickness, headache, fainting, stomach pain, has anti cancerous properties and helps fighting against seasonal allergies like cold, flu and cough.

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