Tina Paymaster

Tina Paymaster is a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach who combines ancient Eastern healing practices with modern Western principles to help people release what's blocking them from the health and happiness they desire. Focusing on nutrition, lifestyle and spirituality, Tina works with her clients to identify and remove the deep root causes of their fear, anxiety, low self-confidence and low energy. After embarking on her own emotional and physical healing journey, Tina understands the freedom and fulfillment that can come from reconnecting back to one's spirit and healing potential. She now makes it her mission is to inspire others to finally stop settling for mediocre health, frustration and unhappiness, so they too can experience the Divine freedom that is their birthright.

Lose Weight Without Spending Hours At The Gym

Start scheduling your daily tasks. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym. In fact, studies have shown that quick bursts of exercise for less time is more effective at calorie burning and muscle toning. Eat light, choose healthy and clean food. Find other ways to stay active. Have fun with the exercise you like. Be your own best friend, don't beat yourself up.

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