Taskeen Jamal

I believe that the body is capable of healing itself, under the right conditions. My mission is to help women who are interested in a natural "whole-listic" approach to health in connecting better with their body to to uncover their body's "whole story" with BodyTalk in order to heal naturally and move from a state of stress to a state of harmony, balance and bliss. Having experienced personal challenges like loss of a loved one, moving countries , facing health concerns and changing careers, I have been there! BodyTalk has supported me and my family through this and I would love to share this amazing tool with you too to empower you to overcome your health challenges.

Taking An Occasional Step Back Can Help Caregivers Care Better

Do not rush the recovery process; the illness may be an important part of the patient's journey in life, a lesson or a cleansing for their body and mind. Do not make it your crusade - give them space to take ownership of their own illness and fight it on their own. Don't feel guilty about taking time out for yourself; replenishing your energies will help you provide better care.

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