Swati Chitalia

Swati Chitalia has been counselling on holistic yoga for the past 17 years. She is a certified Yoga teacher from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, the oldest organized yoga center in the world. She holds top honours in Yoga Philosophy discipline from Mumbai University. Swati enjoys embroidery, travel and cooking healthy and tasty food.

Bharadvajasana (Lateral Spine Twist) – How To Do It Right

Sit on the floor with legs straight out, back straight, hands by your side, and palms on the ground. Fold left leg and place it on right thigh with left sole facing upwards. Bend right knee to Vajrasana pose. Place right hand palm on left knee. Twist left hand from behind your body and try to touch your right foot. Stay as long as comfortable (max 30-45 secs.).

Marichyasana (Torso and Leg Stretch) – How To Do It Right

Sit legs outstretched, bend right knee so your heel touches buttock. Keep palms on floor. Exhaling, turn torso to right. Stretch left arm against right thigh. Press right ankle down, turn torso further. Push left arm towards outer side of right knee, encircle right knee with left arm. Take right arm behind your back towards left hand. Turn head to the left. Hold 10 secs.

Garudasana (Eagle Pose) – How To Do It Right

Stand erect, lift one leg. Twist the leg near the hip joint and knee, twine it around other leg. Maintain balance on one leg. With toes of the twisted leg, lock the ankle of the other leg. Keep the body straight, twine your arms around the other. Likewise, twine hands from wrists, join palms against each other, hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat, with the other leg and hands.

Ardh Matsyendrasana (Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose) – How To Do It Right

Bend left leg and place left foot on the ground over the right knee. Bend right leg and fold it with the right heel near the left buttock. Bring the right hand over left leg and grab left foot's big toe. While exhaling twist the trunk of the body as much as possible, turning neck to left shoulder and encircle the waist with the left hand with the palm facing outwards.

Konasana 3 (Windmill Pose) – How To Do It Right

Stand erect with feet comfortably apart. Stretch out arms to the sides, palms facing upwards. Inhaling for 3 secs, lean slightly back. Exhaling for 3 secs, bend down, lowering left arm and raising right arm straight up. Left hand should touch right toe. Hold this position, suspending breath for 6 secs. Return back to first position as you inhale, alternate and repeat.

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