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9 Tips To Get The Fitness Motivation You’ve Been Looking For

When you tell yourself that you are too lazy to go for a workout, it is the mind that is deciding what you do. The mind has complete control over you. That is why you should change your thoughts to eventually change your lifestyle. Always keep your goal in mind, treat your health as part of your priority, and always think about consequences.

Henna: A Natural Remedy For All Your Hair Problems

Improved hair growth, reduced hair fall, conditioned hair, reduced dandruff and a healthy scalp are some of the benefits of using henna hair mask periodically. It also acts as a natural hair dye and has been used for thousands of years by people from various countries such as India and Egypt. This hair treatment is equally beneficial for those with dry hair or oily scalp.

5 Common Lies Patients Tell Their Doctors

Patients may lie to their doctors because they are embarrassed and want to avoid a lecture. You could be misdiagnosed because of these lies. There are no excuses for lying to your doctor as it can have dire consequences to your health. Some of the most common lies that patients tell include whether they smoke, about their drinking habits, and whether they take any other medicines.

6 Natural Supplements That Work Like Antidepressants

Depression is a complex problem affecting millions, ever year. Taking antidepressants may be an effective method of relieving symptoms of depression quickly. Therapy should be considered to find the root cause of the issue and address that before taking medications. There are natural supplements such as omega-3 fish oil, vitamin D, probiotics, vitamin B12, tryptophan and 5-HTP, and L-Theanine which support the body, mind, and spirit in a very safe way.

Use Bath Salts To Treat Your Body From Head To Toe

Bath salts are not just about giving you a relaxing bath! They have certain health benefits that target you head-to-toe. The many minerals in bath salts help to detox the body, heal bruises, exfoliate the skin, relieve blocked nose/sinus congestion, and more. Use it to soak, take some steam, or apply on wounds. Ensure you pick natural, pure bath salts from reputable sources for the best results.

Are Diabetics At An Increased Risk For Heart Disease?

Diabetics are at a much higher risk for heart diseases and strokes or heart attacks than those who are not diabetic. They have weaker blood vessels, which exerts pressure on the heart. Managing certain factors such as blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, and weight can help reduce this risk. You must also look into your family's medical history to see if you are more at risk of developing heart diseases as well.

Blood In Bodily Fluids: What It Means And What You Can Do

Finding a little blood in body fluids such as mucus, urine, breast milk, vomit, and stool once in a while need not scare you. The reason behind it may be something small that can be treated at home. For example, finding a little blood in breast milk, especially in first-time moms, can be normal and quite common. Visit a doctor if you witness excessive bleeding combined with other issues.

Easy Ways To Make A Perfect Mason Jar Salad

Mason jar salads are a great option for those looking for a easy, healthy, home-made lunch or snack. All you will need is a mason jar, some leafy vegetables (rocket for example), protein (like seeds or shrimp), dressing (virgin olive oil for example), produce (like corn kernels), and you are good to go. The art of making a great mason jar is in the order of ingredients that you put in so that it remains crisp and full of flavor.

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