Susan Hopkinson

A mother, teacher and healer, Susan uses the ancient wisdom and modern understanding of yoga, ayurveda, mindfulness and astrology to improve people's lives. After studying in Toronto, a brief career in international institutions brought her to Brussels in 1991, where she later made a radical transformation to a better work/family balance by becoming a yoga teacher in 1998. This developed into a yoga therapy practice since 2007, which is complemented by her use of mindfulness and astrology offering a wide variety of avenues to suit the individual wellness needs of each client.

Why You Should Drink Water From A Copper Vessel

Copper is naturally self-sterilizing and has a toxic effect on pathogens, even antibiotic-resistant bacteria or super-germs like MRSA. Store potable water in a copper vessel overnight and drink it the next day. The water will also contain enough trace copper for body functions like digestion, wound-healing, flow of sensory information, and providing nutrition to the skin and hair.

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