Suneel Singh

Newage yoga Guru Suneel Singh is a classic example of modernity and tradition. While at one time you catch him flexing his body with various types of yoga asanas, at some other time you can see the media-friendly yoga teacher sharing his knowledge on yoga and other topics with the media. Based in India , Suneel Singh is a person who has perfectly integrated age old traditional forms of yoga with newer and other forms of exercise to suit the urban lot. And his reach is quite widespread as he has been successfully conducting preventive health care workshops, focusing on fitness and health care solutions for ailments like Obesity, Diabetes, Neck pain, Arthritis, Stress, Insomnia, Heart problems, mental tension and depression etc

Surya Namaskar: Total Wellness With 12 Sun Salutations

Surya Namaskar: Worshiping The Sun The Sanskrit name Surya refers to the Sun and Namaskar means salutation. The sun provides life force to the whole creation and symbolizes...

Yoga Mudras and Asanas To Enhance Your Sexual Vitality

Yoga, apart from working wonders for your mind and soul, also enriches your sex life. Aswani mudra helps prevent premature ejaculation. Vajroli mudra improves testosterone levels and sperm count. Shavasana releases strain and stress, Vatayanasana helps retain seminal fluid and regulates the reproductive system.

Why Working Moms Need To Embrace Yoga To De-Stress.

  World is embracing yoga in a big way. Although it is still associated with the ascetics, its usefulness is being rediscovered by everybody. Yoga can benefit...

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