Dr. Siva Mohan

I am most interested in the process of genuinely taking people’s lives into consideration when approaching health. I believe our lifestyles and habits determine our health, and this along with my cultural heritage drew me to ayurveda.

How To Know When To End A Relationship

Ending a relationship can never be easy but there are times when one has to move on. How can one do it in a way that's least painful for you and the other?

Have A Daily Self-Care Ritual: 20 Ideas To Get Started

Reviving, uncluttered one-hour morning and evening self-care rituals fine-tune your circadian clock and reduce stress. Chalk out a shortened, backup version of each ritual as each day is unpredictable. Morning rituals should be spiritual and energetic, while evening ones should be relaxing. Spend your alone time praying, doing yoga, meditating, exercising, journaling, etc.

Symptoms Of Pitta Imbalance During Summer And 5 Ways To Fix It

Increased temper, dissatisfaction, joint inflammation, and skin rashes are indicators of summer-time pitta imbalance. Swap hot spices like peppers and jalapenos with cooling ones like coriander. Avoid booze except sweet wines and malted beer. Add rosewater or lemon in drinking water to improve taste and cooling properties. Avoid spats and relax with some rest, books, or just go out on a vacation.

Depletion Can Cause Weight Gain Instead Of Weight Loss, Says Ayurveda

Avoid vata aggravating foods, including salads, dried nuts, and dairy, and favor low-fat, warm and moist foods. Organic oil massage after shower increases fat metabolism. Sleep well and walk when you wake up. Divide meals across the day to feel consistently energetic. Add spices to your diet and eat according to your personal portion size (equal to cupped palms).

10 Home Remedies to Keep Cold Away From Kids

Use basic humidifier with Eucalyptus, lavender or frankincense oils in kids’ bedroom to keep upper respiratory tract moist and clear. Ensure adequate sleep, put saline water drops in their nostrils and use Anu Thailam ear drops. Add nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin, ginger in foods. Eat warm, moist food and listen to grounding music during bedtime to boost immunity.

Top 10 Balancing Tips To Stay Grounded This Vata Season

1. Oil every orifice: oil-pulling, nasya, basti. 2. Do daily oil self massage. 3. Cook with ghee to reduce dryness and improve tissue quality. 4. Get into routine. 5. Spend quality time with supportive people. 6. Stay at home more. 7. Sleep before 9pm. 8. Spend less time with electronics. 9. Get a massage. 10. Flame-gaze: Stare at the flickering flame and get immersed.

10 Travel Tips To Keep Your Doshas Balanced

Consuming ginger, hot water, spiceballs (digestive aid spices), nutmeg with steamed milk and Triphala can help keep your doshas balanced. Practice Am and Pm rituals, it lets your body cope better with a new time zone. Include a bit of Brahmari Pranayam and Jaal Neti into your daily routine and make sure you take sufficient breaks between destinations.

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