Sherry Trentini

My intention is to help others create space, bring balance & move into their lives. Using a fusion of Law of Attraction Life Coaching, Feng Shui, Grief Recovery and seasoned with good energy. What is Creating Space? It is... Releasing restrictions in your life with the intention to move forward which may include: Choosing to let go of the thoughts that no longer serve you; Choosing to let go of things that no longer serve you. Therefore, making room for you to focus on what YOU do want to manifest in your life.

Wiggle Exercises To Keep Your Toes Healthy

Your feet and toes endure the stress of the body by bearing all of the impact from walking, running, or stairs climbing. De-stress them by elevating them, regularly stretching and wiggling them, and letting them free by going barefoot. Spreading your toes and bringing them down individually from baby toe to big toe will help alleviate the pressure.

Tips To Help Your Teenager Overcome A Painful Heartbreak

Handle your teenager’s heartbreak mindfully rather than letting your over-reactive parental instincts get the better of you. Don't express sympathy or dismiss their rejection. Allow them to express themselves. Avoid directing them to be hopeful by thinking of future relationships or by creating short-term distractions. Withhold your heartbreak tales. Listen to theirs instead.

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