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As a Mom of 4 children, I question everything that goes in and on my children's bodies. Did you know that children's skin care products can contain unsafe ingredients that cause hormone imbalance, allergies, asthma and even cancer? My free report, "3 Shocking Secrets You Need to Know About Bathtime Safety" includes everything you need to protect your child. Click the 'home' button to the right. Together we'll create a healthier environment for your precious children.

10 Easy Tips On How To Tackle Dry Skin

The first time out in my swimsuit last summer, I was self-conscious for a whole new reason. It wasn't about my stomach or how...

6 Tips For Thicker And Longer Hair

You too can now have longer and thicker hair. Adopt a few simple habits and apply natural DIY hair masks to have strong hair. Stop overwashing, avoid blow drying or ironing your hair, drink water, eat healthy, and be careful when selecting a conditioner. Overnight hair growth mask, deep-conditioning mask, and milk and honey mask can be applied for thicker and longer hair.

Know Your Cooking Oil!

Did you know a petroleum by-product from making gasoline commonly contaminates cooking oil? Without being listed in the ingredients... I know it's a little...

Amazing Benefits Of Bentonite Clay And How To Use It

Sick of overpriced beauty products that fall short? Looking for the right home remedy for your skin? Bentonite clay might just be the answer you're looking for. The clay, when mixed properly with water and applied consistently, can reduce those zits, give you a facial, remove sunburn irritants and insect bites, and clear up the hair buildup.

3 DIY Face Masks To Transform Your Dull Winter Skin

Blend 3T honey, 1/4c cocoa powder, 1.5T yogurt, 2T oats until smooth. Apply the mix to your face, neck, and decollete; let it sit for 20-30 mins before rinsing it off with warm water. Equally beneficial will be a blend of 1 avocado, 1T ACV, 1/4t argan oil, 1 egg white. For an acne prone skin, try applying a thick paste of 3T melted coconut oil and 1t turmeric.

3 DIY Face Masks To Transform Your Dull Winter Skin

Old Man Winter has arrived. Your once soft, sun-kissed skin is dull and dry. What are you to do? It's face mask time, people! Curl up...

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