Sara Foster

Sara is an engineer turned fitness professional after realizing training clients is way more fun. A nerd at heart, she geeks out on the science behind exercise. As a result, she’s highly focused on form, posture and balance in her approach to personal training. Sara looks to provide a fun and challenging exercise plan tailored for each client. Whether it’s in the gym, or supporting clients outside the gym for their athletic endeavors, nutrition, and overall health, Sara is passionate about helping clients find activities to incorporate into their lifestyle. Sara works with clients in the Downtown San Diego Big Bricks studio.

September Ab Challenge – Week 2

Here is the new 5-minute workout for week 2 to strengthen your core, improve your posture and let your abs shine!

September Ab Challenge – Week 4

Last week of the ab challenge! Keep up the motivation to strengthen your abs, trim up your waist line, as well as make it stronger with exercise.

September Ab Challenge – Week 3

Who is feeling stronger abs? Did you remember to add an extra serving of vegetables and fruits? Here is the new 5-minute workout for week 3.

Combine Cardio And Core Exercises For Those Ripped Abs

Only building muscle without burning fat will leave you with flab over your abs. Tighten your core during all exercises. Incorporate a cardio twist into your core workout. Push-ups with pull throughs, jumping jack burpees, plank lateral tucks, mountain climbers, and pli’e squat chops will challenge your stamina, burn the fat, duplicate your strength, and leave you with sculpted Greek-God abs.

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