Sandy Walker

Most of my life, people have been coming to me to help them solve their problems. And I've been doing that - by listening, by giving them feedback, by providing a safe place for them to "think out loud" and by giving them insight into WHY they are doing what they are doing - and most importantly how to make changes in their life that will make them happier. After I completed my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling, I decided to pursue Life Coaching professionally. I LOVE to help people. Seeing people change their lives for the better is so amazing to watch! And it happens so quickly! Most of my clients see big changes within just 4 sessions. I love watching the transformation - it is beautiful to see someone become truly happy and fulfilled.

How Your Grudge Is Holding You Back

When you carry a grudge, it changes your heart. You see the world differently. You make different choices than someone who is not holding a grudge. It limits your potential in ways you cannot even imagine. Here are some specific ways to let go of your grudge before it consumes you and affects the rest of your life.

3 Ways To Set Healthy Boundaries In Relationships

So many people contact me with their problems related to Boundaries in relationships. No one teaches us how to have good boundaries and most...

Should You Forgive Someone Without An Apology?

If you're tired of being angry and holding grudges over something that happened in the past, it's time to let things go. Don't wait for an apology because then you're giving someone else control of your emotions. Forgive, and let go of your anger. You deserve to be happy! Forgive, so that you can enjoy life and love again!

The Biggest Lie About Forgiveness

Often been hurt by others and want them to apologize? But why wait for them to realize? Take the initiative to forgive them! Forgiveness is not a feeling, but a choice. Learn from your past mistakes and let go of the anger and bitterness. Forgiveness has its own benefits including emotional peace, better sleep, and healthier relationships.

Why Holding A Grudge Is Bad For You!

A buddy borrowed $100 from my husband. He promised to pay him back. My husband waited. He played pool with his friend a few...

The One Person You Need To Forgive NOW!

"You jerk! How could you do something so stupid?!!" You've probably heard someone say that before – maybe to you, maybe to someone else....

Importance Of Spirituality In Everyday Life

Feeling connected to something “bigger” than you can give your life a sense of meaning. Believe that "things happen for a reason", it will keep you stay positive. When things don’t go your way, let go of the disappointment as soon as possible. Start believing and accept that someone is in control and working out an unseen plan.

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