Reda Elmardi

My Name is Reda El, fitness fanatic for 8 years, and also BJJ blue Belt, I've gathered both my experience and the information I've read throughout these years on my website Shredded Physique.

Top 5 Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Foods

It is a common preconception that the "only" sources of quality protein - an essential macro-nutrient for bodybuilding - come from animal products. The fact is that a vegan diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, plant based proteins can yield similar, if not better, results than a meat-filled diet. A few best picks include quinoa, tofu, hummus, Ezekiel bread, nuts, seeds.

How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast

For anybody looking to get in shape, they would be looking to not only rip away unsightly body fat but also to gain muscle...

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