Rashmi Tantra

Rashmi’s thirst for yoga, spirituality and a healthy lifestyle runs in her veins as she comes from a privileged Eastern Indian family founded on a disciplined Vedic upbringing. She grew up learning and living Tantra in India in a multi generational Tantra practitioning family. She been practicing as well as teaching & sharing Tantra Yoga for 30 years, as she thrives on continuous education from a variety of Tantra & yoga disciplines and sources. Her Classic Tantra teaching technique is deeply rooted in classic Hatha Yoga blended with a knowledge of Vedanta, Ayurveda and teachings from various Indian yoga masters.In her teachings of Classic Tantra Yoga, Rashmi offers practical tools for reprogramming the anxious modern minds.

Fundamentals Of Tantra And Its Importance In Modern Times

Traditional/classic Tantra is a spiritual practice intended to balance the four elements in our life – earth, water, fire, and air – through the fifth element...

Unlocking The Mystic Tantra Energy Principles

In tantra the woman is a guru and everything is initiated by her. Women are more endowed with spiritual qualities and are allowed to assume higher positions in social affairs, which leads to greater beauty, compassion, love and understanding in all spheres of life. Tantra concept says, sex is the easiest way to awaken sushmana that ascents to Kundalini.

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