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8 Reasons Why Kohlrabi Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Diet

Kohlrabi, or the German turnip, is a vegetable of the cabbage family with multiple nutritious benefits. From preventing cancer and diabetes to helping with weight loss, bone health, and eye care, a single cup of kohlrabi as a part of your daily diet will boost your immunity and keep away illnesses. Experiment and use this healthy, tasty veggie in different recipes and make every dish nutrient-rich.

Reasons Behind Joint Clicks, Ringing Ears, Hiccups, And Whistling Nose

Popping joints, ringing ears, hiccups, and a whistling nose are some of the common ailments that occur often, usually go away within a few minutes, and cause no harm. If accompanied by pain or if they turn chronic, in rare cases, some underlying health issue might be at play. If you notice pain or swelling or if these ailments last too long, consult a doctor.

Treat These 6 Issues To Manage Your Dandruff Trouble

Dandruff is easy or hard to manage based on its root cause. While dry flakes go away post winter season, dandruff due to oily skin, psoriasis, or fungal growth require more efforts. To avoid dandruff buildup, follow healthy practices like washing hair regularly, avoiding product residue in hair, and eating right. Treating dandruff problems on time can prevent further issues.

12 Effective Ways To Prepare Your Body And Mind For A Diet

We lose or gain excess weight mostly because of habits that have lasted a lifetime. Naturally, it takes equally long and hard work to regain the ideal weight. Make dieting and exercising a little easier by preparing yourself for it, both mentally and physically, beforehand. Set a goal, boost your willpower, get help from loved ones, and do everything possible to stick to your routine.

9 Signs That Show Your Nutrition Plan Is Working

A good nutrition plan is one of the best ways to successfully reach your weight goals. But, how do you know if the diet is working for you? Since weight gain/loss happens only over a period of time, checking your weight regularly might not tell you much. Instead, look at other factors that indicate your diet is working, such as your mood, sleep quality, energy levels, bowel movements, and more.

7 Effective Ways To Avoid Eating Refined Carbs

Refined carbs are the bad carbs that do you a lot of harm and very little good. These are foods that are processed and refined so much that all the nutrients, minerals, and fibers are removed. Understand what refined carbs are and figure out how much of a part they play in your diet. Takes steps to eat the right carbs and avoid the bad ones by avoiding sugar, snacking healthily, and more.

How To Manage Endometriosis Through Diet

Endometriosis is a painful gynecological disorder that affects 1 in 10 women. Common and painful as it is, managing endometriosis need not necessarily be tough. Instead of depending on the medication, eat the right kind of foods. Choose foods that are anti-inflammatory and that reduce pain and eat fiber-rich foods that lower the estrogen level to avoid hormonal treatments and their side effects.

More Than Just A Pimple: Is It Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa, or acne inversa, is a painful skin condition in which skin lesions develop inward, cause tunneling, and induce chronic pain. While it is hereditary to an extent, causative factors include smoking and obesity. Hidradenitis suppurative is not contagious. However, the lesions may be embarrassing with its foul-smelling pus and inflamed tissue. Treatment includes medical intervention through surgery as well as counseling.

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