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Common Signs And Symptoms Of ADHD In Toddlers

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is hard to diagnose in toddlers as they're naturally hyperactive and full of energy. Some common symptoms that help with the diagnosis are impulsive behavior, not paying attention for too long, hyperactivity, over aggression, and fearlessness. They might express one or all of these symptoms. Such toddlers tend to be born extremely creative or intelligent.

Is Ginger Safe During Pregnancy And How Much Is Safe?

About 1 gm ginger per day is safe during pregnancy. This anti-inflammatory herb, used in Ayurvedic medicines, works well for morning sickness, aids digestion, and can reduce arthritis or bursitis pain. You can have it fresh, as dried root powder, in tea, or in cooked dishes. Don't have ginger if you're on medicines to lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood clotting.

10 Myths About Creatine You Thought Were True

Creatine is an organic acid found your body. But since its quantity is inadequate for building body mass, creatine supplements come into the picture. A lot of myths revolve around the use of creatine, which is notable in the bodybuilding circles. Creatine is not harmful to the kidneys, does not cause cramps, isn't required in huge doses, need not be cycled, and increases body mass with more than just water retention.

8 Things To Avoid When Suffering From Gastritis

Gastritis is an umbrella term for any condition that occurs due to an inflammation of the stomach. The causes of acute or chronic gastritis can vary in each person. But what you eat can either worsen or improve your health. The best bet is to avoid any irritants, which include spicy foods, dairy products, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, processed foods, and anything you're allergic to.

10 Health Benefits Of Bilberry

Bilberries, a relative of blueberry and not the same, are tiny, nutritious berries that can make you healthy. Their benefits range from improving eyesight and blood circulation to treating cancer and Alzheimer's. They are also believed to improve the quality of hair and skin; hence, they're frequently used in cosmetic products. They're healthy, taste good, and easily available as extracts or jams.

15 Essential Oils That Reduce Cellulite Naturally

Grapefruit essential oil reduces fat accumulation underneath the skin. It can be used with other vegetable oils. Citrus oils, rosemary oil, juniper oil, cinnamon, and geranium essential oil enhances blood circulation and helps in reducing cellulite. Fennel oil is also used in anti-cellulite massage oil. Consult doctor if you are pregnant and breastfeeding before using any of these.

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