Rachel Eddins

Rachel Eddins is a therapist who helps people unlock and nurture their true selves. As a certified intuitive eating counselor, she has empowered clients to make peace with food as they understand and address the unmet internal needs that drive disordered eating. As a career counselor, she has guided people of all ages to identify their core values and strengths in order to find a fulfilling career path. Combining both strengths she helps people shift to a life with greater meaning and purpose. In her practice, Eddins Counseling Group, she has also worked with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, and/or relationship issues. She believes that every person has the ability within themselves to meet their own personal goals given the right conditions and skill development. She can be reached at http://www.eddinscounseling.com.

Tips To Identify And Overcome Chronic Depression

Persistent low mood for an unduly long time, without any strong triggers, can signify chronic depression. Left untreated, it can manifest into major depression. Psychotherapy works for most but some need support of anti- depressants. Keep away from alcohol and drugs. Instead, get into a daily routine with nutrient-rich diet, ample rest, and exercise. Always think positive - this will boost your self-esteem.

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