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9 Sex Tips That You Need To Know

Sex is affected by more than you think. Start by getting enough sleep – a habit that'll boost sexual function and arousal. You can also strengthen your vaginal muscles with Kegel exercises. To enhance your bond, have a code word for "sex", make eye contact, and put your phone away. Once in awhile, do it in the afternoon. The unusual time will shake things up. Come nighttime, keep the lights on to enhance visual stimulation.

5 Proven Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Both men and women need testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. If your levels are low, you can increase it without medication. Start by reducing stress and alcohol intake. These factors will mess with hormones, so it’s important to keep in check. Instead, boost testosterone through exercise and sleep. After all, your body makes the most testosterone during rest, so get some shut eye. You can also increase blood testosterone and fertility with Ashwagandha – an ancient Ayurvedic herb.

7 Ways To Eat Less Without Feeling Hungry

There are do's and don't's of portion control. But with the right approach, you can avoid feeling hungry. Before a meal, drink water or eat a low-energy-dense salad or soup. These options will fill you up before the meal even begins. Focus on fiber and protein – two nutrients that increase satiety. Like spicy food? The capsaicin in hot peppers will make you eat less. When it's time to eat, serve food on a small plate and avoid distractions.

5 Reasons Why Almond Flour Is Better Than Any Other Flour

Almond flour is teeming with health benefits. Unlike refined flour, it isn’t stripped of its nutrients. The fiber and protein in almond flour can increase satiety, making it great for weight loss. Even the unsaturated fats will burn body fat at rest. Almond flour will also lower heart disease risk by improving cholesterol levels and blood pressure. At risk for diabetes? Reduce your blood glucose with almond flour. You’ll also get calcium and magnesium without worrying about gluten.

Avoid Apple Cider Vinegar If You’re Taking These Medications

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is like a magical health food. But if you're taking certain drugs, ACV can be dangerous! Don't use it if you're on diabetes drugs or insulin. These medications will lower blood glucose, but so can ACV. You'll be at risk for hypoglycemia. Avoid ACV if you're taking diuretics for diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure. They increase potassium excretion, posing a risk for low potassium levels. Always talk to your doctor before using ACV.

5 Ways To Treat Cystic Acne At Home

Cystic acne is painful, but you can treat it without medication. Start with an ice pack to reduce swelling and redness. To relax your skin, treat yourself to at-home steaming. Tea tree oil and honey are anti-inflammatory, so they'll calm down cystic acne. However, always dilute tea tree oil in a carrier oil or honey. You can also tackle acne from the inside with fish and fish oil supplements. The omega-3 fats will suppress inflammation and improve your skin.

7 Exercise Moves For A Couch Potato’s Workout

The couch is a great place to work out. Really! It doubles as a prop for push-ups and lunge squats. You can also try couch dips. To do them, lean on a couch with the edge behind you. Lower your butt and keep your legs bent or straight. During squats, you can hold a couch pillow. Trying to tone your thighs? Squeeze and hold a pillow in between your knees. To do these moves safely, clear the space of clutter.

5 Yoga Moves To Get Rid Of Hunchback Or Kyphosis

With the power of yoga, you can reverse a hunchback. Downward facing dog will strengthen the back muscles that supports the spine. You can also do cobra and cat-cow pose to stretch your upper back. In a chair, knee to ankle pose relieves hunchback-induced hip pain. End your routine with child's pose – a restorative position. Before doing any of these moves, consult a doctor or physical therapist. You might need to use a supportive sling.

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