Petra Neiger

I've spent 2 decades working in technology. Seeing how living in the fast lane negatively affected me and people around me, I decided to study Ayurveda. I'm a certified Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, yoga teacher and founder of Red Pantz, a sustainable productivity company, which brings together my unique background in business management and ayurvedic medicine to help people and teams live and thrive in healthy and mindful ways. Read more at http://www.redpantz.com and get "The Stress Effect", my free ebook. "The Stress Effect" sheds light on why zebras don’t get ulcers but we do, the special connection between stress and heart and digestive problems, the real reason why we do yoga, and what our sense organs have to do with our stress level, amongst other things.

5 Ways To Deal With Overwhelming Situations

Feeling overwhelmed can create a sense of panic and paralysis. Be involved in an activity to distance you from the problem and get that out of your head. Stop trying to control everything and learn from every situation. Break down the goals to achievable chunks and lighten the burden. Balance pressure with self care as it's human to err. Don't be hesitant to ask for help.

Lunch – Skip It Or Eat It?

As per Ayurveda, our digestive power is the strongest between 10AM-2PM, so we should have our biggest meal during this time. Instead of just gulping down your lunch, while catching up on email, pay attention to the flavors and colors of the food. Eat slowly and chew your food properly. Step away from your desk. Eat in silence. Lunch avoids mid day crashes and cravings.

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