Peter D'Adamo ND

Dr. Peter D’Adamo is a naturopathic physician and the author of the NY Times best seller, Eat Right 4 Your Type, which advanced the idea that blood types play a vital role in optimal health and well-being. Dr. D’Adamo is the founder of the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine at the University of Bridgeport in CT, and he serves as a Distinguished Professor of Clinical Studies at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Blood Type Diet Checklist For A Healthy Heart

All blood types should regularly eat oily cold-water fish, fruits and vegetables and replace coffee with green tea. B and O types should have moderate amounts of lean, organic meat and limit dairy, wheat and beans. B types should avoid chicken, corn, buckwheat, peanuts, lentils, and potatoes. A and AB types should have cultured dairy, beans and soy, avoid red meat and limit wheat.

Your Blood Type Can Influence Your Heart Health

A and AB types tend to have high cholesterol levels, and are more prone to blood clot formation and arterial inflammation. In O and B types, a low-fat, high-carb diet can lead to increase in triglyceride levels, blood sugar, blood pressure and abdominal fat. For a healthy heart, A types need gentle exercise, B and AB types need moderate exercise and O types need high intensity exercise.

Follow Blood Type Diet To Negate Impact Of Dietary Lectins

Type O should avoid wheat, soy ad peanuts. Type A should avoid tomato and egg plant. Type B, chicken and soy and Type AB chicken and bell peppers. These foods have lectins specific to blood types, avoiding them provides optimal lectin-blocking nutrition and offers protection against the negative effects of dietary lectins.

What Your Blood Type Says About Your Health

Your blood type determines: your susceptibility to certain diseases; your reaction to stress; the type of antigens present in vital organs; assimilation and absorption of nutrition; type of gut bacteria and digestive enzymes. Choosing foods as per your blood type helps promote optimal gut health, improve vitality, lose weight, reduce inflammation, increase energy, and health.

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